Field Technician in Florida

University Of South Florida
Frostproof Florida
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$13-16 per hour, 25-35/wk depending upon experience
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
We need a field technician to work closely with a M.S student who is studying movement patterns of the Florida Sand Skink (Plestiodon reynoldsi) through improved pastures. The skink is a small, fossorial, federally Threatened species with a geographic range restricted to the ridges of central Florida. Ideally the technician will reside near the study site to minimize travel. The skink is captured by a series of drift fences and bucket traps counter-sunk into the sandy substrate in which the skink resides. The technician will work independently or with a graduate student to check bucket traps daily in the hot Florida sun. Accurate data collection is essential.
We need a technician with (or very near completion of) a BS Degree in biology or a related field. The research demands great attention to detail while working in bright sun in hot humid weather. Ideally the technician lives near the study site near Frostproof Florida.
Contact Person
Henry Mushinsky
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