Field Technician Squirrel Trapping – Washington

The Ohio State University
Ross Lake National Recreation Area, Washington
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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One field technician is needed from early-June to mid-August to assist a PhD student with live-trapping Douglas squirrels and red squirrels for a study on gene flow and hybrid zone movement in Washington State. Field work will be conducted in the remote backcountry of the Ross Lake Recreational Area in the North Cascades and will require someone comfortable and eager to work, camp and hike in the backcountry and preferably someone with skills in animal tracking or handling. Primary duties include hiking in remote wilderness areas while carrying gear, assisting in searching for squirrel sign, trapping and handling tree squirrels, and collecting ear-punch samples. Schedule: The technician will work with the PhD student in the field for 6 days/week, trapping from sunrise until the early afternoon and again from the early evening until dusk. Other tasks (e.g., moving traps, scouting new areas) will be performed between trapping when necessary. The technician will have the 7th day off in a nearby town (Winthrop, WA) for supplies, laundry, etc. Lodging: While doing fieldwork, the technician will camp with the PhD student in the backcountry around Ross Lake. On the day off, the technician will stay in a cabin in Winthrop and have access to storage, a bed, and a bathroom, as well as grocery stores in town. Salary is $1000/month and travel expenses to/from Washington State will be covered up to $500. Dates: Approximately June 1st – August 20th 2021
A valid driver’s license is needed, field/camping gear (such as hiking boots, rain gear, backpack, etc…), eagerness to work in rugged field conditions during occasional inclement weather conditions, ability to work well with people, good spatial awareness in remote locations, and sound sensibilities about working in wilderness areas with the possibility of encounters with large animals (black bears, wolves, etc…). - Must have strong work ethic and positive attitude. - Ability to navigate using a GPS, compass and topographic map. - Comfortable with working and staying in the backcountry for 6 days at a time. - Ability or eagerness to detect animal sign by sight and sound. - Must be able to endure long workdays, hiking in steep and uneven terrain while carrying gear, and work in unpredictable climatic conditions in areas with large wildlife. COVID vaccination required (by the onset of fieldwork)
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Michelle Taal
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