Field Technician

Indiana State University
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$337.50/week for 8 weeks
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Center for Bat Research, Outreach, and Conservation at Indiana State University is recruiting two (2) Field Technicians to aid in an 8 week study of bats in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Research will involve mistnet surveys to capture bats, use of radio telemetry to track bats to their day-roosts, use of radio telemetry to asses foraging areas, measuring habitat characteristics around roosts, and deploying bat detectors to record bat calls in remote forested areas in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. The technician will work closely with a graduate student to gain familiarity with the study area and survey techniques. On a daily basis, the technician will work with 2 other technicians and the graduate student to accomplish project objectives (capture, tracking, veg plots). The principal investigator will be present for capture surveys. Duties will also include driving (4WD field vehicle will be provided, personal vehicle mileage will be reimbursed), hiking long distances in mountainous terrain (up to 10 miles/day), carrying heavy equipment, data entry, and data management. Housing will be provided (in Harrogate, TN or Middlesboro, KY), but over-night camping may occasionally be required. Crew will consist of Principal Investigator, Graduate Student, Technician (12 week term), and 2 Assistant Technicians (8 week term). Field housing will be provided. As usual with bat research, the following working conditions apply: atypical work hours (late nights are the norm, but there’s day work, too), strenuous work such as hiking with up to 50 pound pack/equipment often in mountainous or uneven terrain, the normally-expected amount of risk involved with working in a rugged environment (mountains, cliffs, streams) with natural wildlife (poison ivy, ticks, bears, snakes, etc.) and handling wild animals (bats, and potentially birds and flying squirrels). All standard disclaimers aside, most people that consider this type of work to be greatly satisfying and deeply fulfilling on many levels. Along with the risks come many rewards that most people don't get to enjoy.
Required: Progress towards a B.S. degree in Wildlife, Natural Resources, Biology or other related field. This is a good position for a current freshman, sophomore, or junior with limited field experience, but a strong interest in bat research. It is imperative that you have a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and be in good physical condition. It is also critical that you are detail oriented and have experience collecting data for research studies. Must possess a valid driver's license and pass driving record check. Desired: Experience navigating using GPS and topographic maps. Applicants who have experience handling animals, particularly bats, will be given priority.
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James Cox
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