Fire Management Technician – Arkansas

The Nature Conservancy of Arkansas
Little Rock, AR
Job Category
Full time Positions
$14.40 a hour
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The Fire Management Technician (FMT) participates in preparing fire lines, maintaining equipment, post-burn monitoring and other tasks. As part of the incumbent’s ongoing professional development, he/she will be responsible for keeping abreast of new burn techniques and equipment to enhance skills and maintain/grow professional fire certification credentials. In addition, they shall work to build and maintain relationships in the professional fire community and in the local community where the Conservancy works. This may include participation in fire activities in partnership with other non-profits, local fire departments, and local, state and federal agencies. The FMT performs other preserve management duties when conditions are not conducive to prescribed fire such as, but not limited to, fire planning and monitoring, invasive species control, planting and woody vegetation removal. This position requires the ability to work in a high stress team environment under close supervision while performing heavy physical work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain, and under physically demanding circumstances.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS High school diploma and 6 months of related experience. Qualified as or able to meet qualifications for Fire Fighter Type 2 (FFT2), including NIMS An Introduction (IS-700a), Introduction to ICS (I-100), Human Factors on the Fire line (L-180), Introduction to Wild land Fire Behavior (S-190), Firefighting Training (S-130), and one training burn serving under the supervision of a qualified FFT2. See Must achieve physical fitness standard as determined by local Fire Program Manager. Experience operating various types of equipment (such as 4X4 pickups, trailers, ATVs, chainsaws and other power and hand tools, etc.). Must be able to obtain related licenses or certifications as required. (e.g. First Aid, CPR, and driver’s license) DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS 6 months -1 year of related experience. Ability and willingness to follow instructions from colleagues. Ability to get along with others under any potential conditions. ADDITIONAL JOB INFORMATION Fringe benefits including medical & dental insurance, vacation & sick leave, and paid holidays Two to three week break (unpaid except for official holidays) during Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Rent-free housing (may be responsible for sharing utility costs). This position is scheduled to end on April 27, 2018. Please Apply online at:
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Kyle Lapham - Fire Manager
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