Fiscal Manager: Portland, OR

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
Portland, OR
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Full time Positions
$140000-$165000 DOE
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Title: Fiscal Manager (Officer) Group Definition: Members of the Fiscal Management job family develop, coordinate, and maintain an integrated system of financial services including accounting, budgeting, contract administration, payroll, and financial management reporting. Their perspective of the total financial situation of the organization assists managers in program planning, execution, and review. Essential Functions: Serve as key advisor to the Executive Director and management staff in financial aspects of program planning, execution, and review. Assure that financial considerations are taken into full account when programs and policy initiatives are formulated and implementation decisions are made. Serve as key member of the leadership team, helping guide the organization, develop policies and promote employee growth. Synthesize financial and management data so as to interpret for various management levels the composite financial results of operations. Report on program accomplishments in financial terms. Evaluate financial practices to improve methods and systems, operate with greater efficiency, make best use of available technology, and provide better service to the organization. Exercise control over the financial resources of PSMFC by establishing, implementing, and maintaining fiscal policies and procedures. Assure financial integrity is maintained and that adequate accounting, budgeting, reporting, payroll, grant and contract administration procedures are established to provide accountability and effective support for accomplishment of PSMFC mission. Formulate, prepare, and evaluate the Commission's budget. Project financial requirements for the overall organization and individual programs and projects. Establish revenue levels to cover organizational costs. Present Commission's annual budget to the commissioners for their approval. Advise managers in preparation of budgets and funding requests for submission to various federal, state, and private entities. Serve as custodian of Commission and grant funds. As officer of the organization, the position is designated as authorized signatory for all contracts, legal documents, bank accounts, and financial documents. Administer checking and savings accounts as required by grant and contract agencies. Serve as trustee for pension plan investments, maintaining records for the trust, assuring employee accounts are credited, and providing required reports. Serve as board member to the Marine Resource Management Center, submitting all funding proposals to foundations and administering all funds under the program. Supervise directly and indirectly (as second level supervisor) accounting, contract, and payroll staff. Knowledge Required by the Position: Broad and expert knowledge of principles, methods, techniques, and systems of financial management. This includes knowledge in the areas of: contracting, grants administration, payroll administration, budgeting, accounting, and financial management reporting. Ability to apply a high level of sound, independent judgment in the solution of precedent-setting or high-impact financial problems. Ability to develop, apply, adjust, and administer financial plans and policies to attain agency objectives. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of key management, staff, government agencies, and private entities. This requires the exercise of tact, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. Ability to make oral and written presentations in a clear and concise manner. Knowledge of PSMFC's programs and overall organization to operate an effective financial management system. Ability to select, develop, and supervise a subordinate staff. Supervisory Controls: The Fiscal Manager works under the administrative supervision of the Executive Director who broadly defines the organization's missions and goals. The position proceeds independently, guided by experience and knowledge, and is given wide latitude in making decisions for PSMFC in contractual and financial matters. Guidelines: Within broad PSMFC and agency guidelines, the employee uses judgment, initiative, and resourcefulness to resolve complex fiscal issues and problems, research trends, develop new methods, and propose new standards and practices. Complexity: Assignments address substantive, interrelated fiscal conditions or problems characterized by complexity, controversy, and/or sensitivity. As issues arise, the employee defines and weighs the facts of the situation including unique and unusual circumstances, determines effective approaches to meet customer requirements, identifies ways to improve or enhance services, identifies appropriate courses of action, and/or works to reconcile conflicting points of view. The complexity of the work requires originality and imagination to develop non-traditional approaches and achieve successful completion of Commission goals. Scope and Effect: The purpose of this position is to provide processing and monitoring of financial management activities to assure the smooth fiscal operation of the organization. The ability to be flexible to the needs of other organizations with a variety of contractual needs and regulations and to operate efficiently affect how other organizations view the reliability of PSMFC as a contract agency. Personal Contacts: Contacts within PSMFC include all staff and in particular the section and program managers. Contacts outside PSMFC include: bank personnel; private, state, and federal agency directors, department heads, contract and finance officers, and project supervisors; NOAA grant officers, office of the Inspector General, and General Counsel Staff; and BPA's Inspector General. Purpose of Contacts: Contacts within PSMFC are to provide financial and budgetary advice and related necessary support services. Contact with outside personnel are to obtain information, resolve problems, coordinate, provide service, or to settle matters necessary in preparing and monitoring PSMFC's financial management activities. Most contacts are with entities that have the same general results or goals as the Commission. Physical Demands: The work is sedentary and requires a great amount of concentration and attention to detail. Work involves extensive use of video display terminals and computers. Phone contact is frequent. Work Environment: The work is performed in an office setting, with adequate heating, lighting, and ventilation. There is some privacy for concentration and phone conversations. There is frequent work beyond the normal office hours. Infrequent travel is required to attend annual meetings, federal grant/contract seminars, other meetings as needed, and to consult with other agencies and resolve issues. PSMFC is an EEO/AAP employer. We maintain a drugfree workplace.
Minimum Qualification Requirements: Three years of Specialized Experience** is required. **Specialized Experience is experience that equips the applicant with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position. It is typically in or related to the work of the position being filled. To be creditable, specialized experience must have been equivalent to at least the next lower level in the normal line of progression for the position being filled. In addition to presenting the required specialized experience, all candidates must have demonstrated in their work experience or training that they possess, or have the potential to develop, the qualities of successful supervision.
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