Fish and Wildlife Biologist-Florida

US Fish and Wildlife Service
Panama City, FL
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$49,765 to $93,821 per year DOE
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The Panama City Florida Ecological Services office is currently recruiting for a fish and wildlife biologist. This position will work as part of a team that works closely with the Florida Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and other transportation planning organizations to assess the impacts of their proposed actions on wetlands and fish, wildlife, and plant resources throughout their transportation planning process. In particular, this position will focus on Section 7 consultation under the Endangered Species Act, but will also act as a technical adviser under other environmental laws such as the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, Clean Water Act, and National Environmental Policy Act. This individual will also focus on other ES activities such as consultation, monitoring, applied research, and surveys for listed and/or candidate species as they relate to transportation ecology. The work will cover a broad range of habitats and species in the Florida panhandle, including about 10% of the workload focused on plants. Some knowledge of habitat restoration, especially for aquatic resources, is useful. The position is being advertised as a GS-401-9/11/12 TERM position with a 4-year limit, and we will be refilling the position as soon possible. The position will be located in the Panama City Field Office (, which also houses a Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office and a growing partnership with the Air Force. Not only is the panhandle of Florida a biodiversity hotspot, our office is a mere 15 minutes from “the emerald coast” and “the world's most beautiful beaches” ( and
See qualifications and please apply through USAJOBS by Nov. 22.
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Sean Blomquist
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