Fish and Wildlife Scientific Aid: California

California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Redding, California
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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Last Date to Apply
Conduct angler creel surveys and water quality monitoring at various water bodies. Collect and record angling and fish information by interviewing anglers. Monitor and maintain angler survey boxes and remote trail cameras. Collect and record limnological data at various waterbodies using boats and various scientific water quality instruments. Assist Environmental Scientists in performing a variety of fisheries and aquatic species resource assessment related activities including, but not limited to: fish monitoring/population assessments, direct observation and fish sampling using gillnets, boat and backpack electrofishing, seines, and/or hook and line, snorkel counts, flow/timing assessments, spawning/redd surveys, habitat typing, genetic tissue sampling, implementing restoration projects utilizing beach seines, gill nets, and electrofishing. Conduct water quality monitoring at various water bodies. Operate 4x4 vehicles, boats, and ATVs, and tow and back-up trailers. Input data into computer programs (data entry), QAQC data, analyze data and write field reports describing fisheries investigations and program activities. Respond to general inquiries from the public regarding fisheries issues, program actions and regional water conditions. Assist an Environmental Scientist with implementing the Aquatic Resource Education Program – Classroom Aquarium Education Project (CAEP) and Fishing in the City (FIC) within the Northern Region.
Minimum Qualifications Possession of a valid driver license. and Either I Education: Equivalent to completion of two years of college with a minimum of 10 semester hours in biological or chemistry sciences. Or II One year of experience in surveying, studying or evaluating fish or wildlife populations, data habitats or users, or working in a chemistry laboratory.
Contact Person
Andrew Jensen
Contact Phone
(530) 510-3601
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