Fish and Wildlife Scientific Aid (Waterfowl)-California

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Waterfowl Program
Willows, California
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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• Rocket-netting and banding of northern pintail from September through October. • Morphological measurements of white-fronted geese at hunter check stations from October to December. • Rocket-net Aleutian Canada geese and applying neck collars for population estimate monitoring in November or December. • Possible disease testing for avian influenza. • Ground and possible aerial telemetry tracking of marked geese. • Accurate record keeping of trap data for reporting. • Trap preparation and equipment maintenance. • Other assigned duties associated with trapping activities Housing: Bunkhouse housing is provided at no cost by Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.
Minimum Qualifications: • Two years of college with 10 semester units in biology or other natural resource related studies • Good scientific writing and communication skills • Basic knowledge of computer programs "Word" and "Excel" • Possession of a valid California driver's license Desired Knowledge and Abilities: • Knowledge of California's nesting waterfowl species. • Knowledge of wildlife survey and capture methods. • Wildlife biology, ecology, and taxonomy (e.g., ornithology, mammalogy, herpetology, etc.). • Conduct on-line research of scientific literature and write at a college level. • Word processing and data entry skills; ability to work in a busy office environment. • Good organizational skills and ability to keep accurate records. Please complete the instructions provided in the link above as well as send, cover letter, resume and 3 references combined into 1 PDF document to
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Dan Skalos
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