Fish and Wildlife Technician 1 (Seasonal): Albany, NY

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Albany, NY
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Last Date to Apply
Participate as a team member in field efforts within the Bureau of Ecosystem Health. Field work may include collection of biota and documentation of habitat and other environmental parameters. Incumbent will also assist unit biologists with site inspections of restoration activities. Assist unit biologists in development of a database for ecological data collected at sites in New York. Incumbent will work cooperatively with unit biologists and agency staff to develop, implement, and maintain the database. Incumbent will also help digitize unit records. Assist with field efforts for the Hudson River and Grasse River Mussel Studies. This will involve field work collecting freshwater mussels and associated activities. Incumbent will be expected to work cooperatively with team members to accomplish goals. Incumbent will assist with laboratory analysis of mussel tissue samples and with data entry, data QA/QC review, and production of data reports, using Microsoft Suite and ArcView GIS software. Incumbent will attend and participate in forums which discuss and evaluate fish, wildlife, and ecological recovery as well as attend required agency, division, bureau and other training.
BS/BA in fisheries, marine resources or wildlife management; mariculture; marine biology; aquaculture; aquatic, marine or terrestrial ecology; zoology; marine technology; botany; limnology; or oceanography. Preferred qualifications: familiarity with relational databases and ArcView GIS and proficiency with statistical calculations and data display. Boater safety certificate and ability to trailer and operate a boat. Knowledge of biota sampling techniques, basic laboratory techniques, and aquatic invertebrate community assessments, and willingness to learn about stream and wetland monitoring practices. Preferred skills are: • the ability to work in a team, • NYS flora and fauna identification, • meticulous record keeping, • skills in written and verbal communication, • records storage, • the ability to trailer and operate a small boat
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Karen Price
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