Fish Biologist-California

Western Area Power Administration
Folsom, CA
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MAJOR DUTIES: • Provides recommendations for adaptive management plans, aquatic recovery/endangered species programs, and other resource management programs related to hydropower operations, while considering cost impacts on transmission rates. • Addresses impacts of Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) power marketing, transmission, and operational activities on threatened and endangered species recovery programs, non-native and sport fish management programs, adaptive management programs, and other aquatic issues. • Represents WAPA in meetings with other Federal, State, and local agencies and the public. In this capacity, communicates WAPA's environmental policies and furthers the success of water and power generation management programs by identifying improvements in fish survival rates through quantitative means. • Identifies research needs and priorities to support environmental actions related to WAPA operational objectives/programs and develops research protocols in response to power marketing program needs and priorities. • Serves as Sierra Nevada Region (SNR) point of contact for Section 7 consultations under the Endangered Species Act for aquatic species and facilitates processes/negotiates to resolve conflicts that may arise during Section 7 consultations among a diverse group of stakeholders including, Federal, state, and local agencies, environmental organizations, and the public.
COMPETENCIES 1. Mastery level professional knowledge of principles, practices, and techniques in fishery and aquatic biology and ecology, with an emphasis on river and marine fish/habitats. 2. Skill sufficient to conduct innovative analyses of aquatic recovery/endangered species programs and other resource management programs which involve complex variables and result in the development of statewide public policies. 3. Ability to understand/address WAPA’s power marketing operational impacts on threatened/endangered species and provide recommendations that effectively address cost impacts on transmission rates. 4. Comprehensive, expert knowledge of the provisions of the Endangered Species Act, and the ability to address threatened and endangered species regulations related to WAPA's power marketing activities.
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Desiree McCool
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