Fish Culture Technician: Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Arlee, MT
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The duties of this position expose the incumbent to all aspects of coldwater aquaculture. The Jocko River Hatchery is a Rainbow Trout Brood Hatchery that collects 5 to 6 million eggs annually from a captive brood-stock. The hatchery also supports recreational fishing programs and stocks approximately 300,000 fish annually. Timing of this position corresponds to the seasonal spawning activities of the facility. As a Fish Culture Technician, the intern will be required to perform duties such as: feed fish, clean rearing units, pressure wash rearing units, sample, inventory and move fish lots, assist with spawning and brood stock maintenance, load distribution trucks and assist with fish plants, assist with egg and fry care, administer fin clips, assist with ground and building maintenance, and may need to use hand and power tools.
SKILLS, ABILITIES, KNOWLEDGE NEEDED (EDUCATION; UNDERGRAD/GRAD LEVEL, SUGGESTED/REQUIRED MAJORS): Preference is given to students majoring in Wildlife Biology – with either a terrestrial or aquatic focus. Must be majoring in a Natural Resource/ Biological Sciences field. Preference will be given to Senior or Junior level students. Student must be able to complete tasks physical in nature and be willing to work outdoors in inclement weather for extended periods of time. Must be able to work cooperatively with others. Must have a desire and willingness to learn. APPLICATION MATERIALS/PROCEDURES (RESUME, COVER LETTER, REFERENCES, ETC.): Please send a letter of interest and current resume to Stephanie Espinoza at ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (; HOUSING OF ANY KIND PROVIDED OR POSSIBLY AVAILABLE I.E. TRAILER, FREE CAMP SPOT, BASEMENT APARTMENT, EXTRA SLEEPING ROOM, ETC.) This position will have a flexible work schedule to be determined by the intern and hatchery intern supervisor. It is designed to provide experience covering a broad range of Coldwater fish culture activities over an extended period for an actively enrolled student. The Jocko River Trout Hatchery is located in Arlee, MT. The hatchery is located approximately 27 miles north of Missoula, MT. Intern is responsible for own transportation to and from the hatchery.
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Stephanie Espinoza
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