Fish Culturist: Neets Bay Hatchery

Neets Bay
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The Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (SSRAA) has an opening for a Fish Culturist at the Neets Bay Hatchery. The Neets Bay Hatchery is a large, remote, three species salmon hatchery located approximately 30 air miles north of Ketchikan, Alaska. Permanent staff consists of 3 Fish Culturists, the Assistant Manager, Hatchery Manager, and Maintenance Engineers. There are approximately 135 million Chum, 3.2 million Coho, and 300,000 Chinook salmon cultured at the Neets Bay facility. The position requires living on-site year-round in furnished rental housing. Provided utilities/benefits include but are not limited to: weekly mail and supply flights, satellite internet, and monthly hotel accommodations in Ketchikan. The ideal candidate must exhibit the ability to develop healthy working relationships with colleagues both permanent and seasonal, sharing knowledge and skills in the process. Experience must include a solid foundation in hatchery operations including gamete collection, incubation operations, fish husbandry, saltwater rearing, and egg/fry transport operations. The employee must be able to function as a team member in a remote setting, and will be expected to at times function as an integral member on maintenance projects. This job is offered with competitive pay and benefits package. The benefit package includes health, dental, life and long term disability insurance and a 403b retirement plan. SSRAA is an equal opportunity employer. A job description will be provided on request.
Preferred skills should include, but are not limited to, two years prior experience at a similar facility. Applicants should be motivated, physically fit, and able to work long hours in inclement weather. Previous remote fieldwork is desirable but not required. Applicants may email a cover letter and resume
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