Fish Farm Technician – Wisconsin

Plymouth Springs Fish Company
Westfield, WI
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Full time Positions
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Fish Farm Technician cares for fish and performs grounds and equipment maintenance and other duties on a fish farm. Major duties and responsibilities are to: • Feed, grade, and harvest fish; regulate water supplies; remove mortality; and recognize and treat fish diseases. • Record and maintain information on amount and type of feed received and fed, water quality, processing data and fish mortalities • Weigh, count, and load fish for processing, and process fish. • Maintain, construct, and perform minor repairs to ponds and walkways, fish feeders, egg trays, and screens. • Maintain lawns, shrubs, and trees. • Maintain and repair farm buildings and residences, water pumps, lawn mowers, power tools, roads, and trails. Working Conditions • Operate trucks, tractors, and other equipment. • Work outdoors, at times during inclement weather. • Work in and around water. • Requires lifting up to 50 pound sacks of feed, cartons of drugs, and other heavy materials and equipment. • Use lawn mowers, small gas engines, power tools, pumps, etc. • Requires a flexible work schedule that varies in the number of hours worked on a daily basis, but not necessarily each day, or a work schedule in which the starting and stopping times vary on a daily basis, but not necessarily each day. This includes working at all hours and workdays in excess of eight hours.
Minimum Qualifications • An Associate's degree in Fisheries Technology, Aquaculture or Aquarium Science; OR • Eighteen months of fish culture (care of fish) experience. (six months of fisheries, fish screens, wildlife or related habitat work experience will count toward this experience). A higher level degree in Fisheries Science or a closely-related degree with at least 45 quarter (30 semester) hours of biological/ecological coursework will substitute for the Associate's degree. Requested Skills Preference will be given to applicants with the following experience with fish: • Trapping, treating and immobilization • Recognizing disease symptoms • Operating pond pumps and equipment • Operating heavy equipment • Operating electronic or mechanical equipment • Collecting and recording data • Fish culture experience in a hatchery setting • Using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook • Working with fish eggs and fry Only resume and cover letter are required to apply.
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Lucas Bradburn
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