Fish Habitat Biologist II (Hydraulic Officer) – in Taholah, WA

Quinault Indian Nation
Taholah, WA
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Grade 10 - $61,316 per year + Benefits
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The Fish Habitat Biologist II (Hydraulic Officer) position is expected to monitor all activities occurring within 200’ of any water body within the Quinault Indian Reservation (QIR) and will participate in restoration and/or monitoring activities related to salmon habitat needs. This position participates in the implementation of the Quinault Indian Nation (QIN) Forest Management Plan, a document which provides the direction and technical specifications by which forest management activities are performed on the QIR. The Fish Habitat Biologist will work closely across disciplines to communicate technical expertise to the Nation and all employees therein concerning fish habitat. The Fish Habitat Biologist participates in all Interdisciplinary Team processes for on-reservation timber sale projects. This work includes reviewing Hydraulic Project Applications and issuing Hydraulic Project Approvals (HPA) for projects as required by QIN laws and policies, and monitoring compliance with said permits and issue violations if necessary. This position works closely with other staff to recommend and/or implement monitoring or restoration projects associated with salmon and their habitat. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Tasks that may be required as part of this position include: • Issue Hydraulic Project Approvals (HPAs) for projects as required by QIN laws and policies; monitor compliance during in-water work activities as well as after activities are completed; track HPAs to assist other staff in knowing where permitted activity is occurring; close out HPAs for completed projects • Participate as required in the implementation of the Quinault Indian Nation (QIN) Forest Management Plan, including participating in the Interdisciplinary Team process for on-Reservation timber sale development • Identify and assess impacts of management activities on the Nation’s fish and wildlife resources; determine the need for additional field review; determine the need to assemble an Interdisciplinary Team to evaluate the potential impact of a proposed action • Interpret collected data; formulate recommendations for proper management of fish resources; recommend and implement fish habitat improvement, restoration, and/or monitoring projects • Provide necessary technical expertise to QIN Forestry and other QIN staff, citizens or outside agency staff (e.g. identifying streams as fish-bearing or non-fish-bearing streams) • Provide consultation/technical expertise to the Division Director and the Quinault Indian Nation Business Committee (QBC) as required • Maintain necessary files and databases • Monitor results of forest practice activities and evaluate effectiveness of applicable forest practice rules and regulations OTHER JOB FUNCTIONS Establish and maintain an effective system of communications within the organization, and establish and maintain effective working relationships with diverse groups and individuals. Make presentations to senior staff, Business Committee, members, and the general public as required. May direct technical/support staff.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in fisheries, wildlife management, natural resource science, environmental science, or related field. • A minimum of 3 years of professional experience. A Master’s degree in the applicable science will substitute for 2 years of the required experience. The incumbent must have knowledge of: • Salmonid general life cycles and habitat requirements • Principles and procedures of fish habitat management and biological research • Timber harvest and management practices and the resulting effects on fish and its habitat • Standard fish habitat sampling methodologies • Habitat restoration principles for salmonids • Software and applications relevant to work duties, such as Microsoft Office suite, and ArcGIS or ArcPro The incumbent must have the ability to: • Work independently • Supervise technical staff day-to-day • Train less experienced technician in methods and techniques required to conduct data collection and in maintenance of instrumentation and other technology used for data collection. • Provides general technical assistance to stakeholders related to fish life. • Use computers to analyze data and generate logical conclusions • Communicate effectively with co-workers, across disciplines, with operators, agency staff and the general public; strong interpersonal skills • Develop positive, productive, respectful working relationships with coworkers and collaborators • Clearly express ideas and technical knowledge both orally and in writing, to both technical and non-technical audiences • Recognize and describe adverse implications of natural resources decisions/practices Must hold a valid Washington State driver license or be able to obtain a Washington State driver license within 90 days of employment. Must have and maintain the ability to be insured under QIN automobile insurance. Able to comply with the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS • Advanced degree in fisheries, wildlife management, natural resource science, environmental science, or related field. Experience or formal training in: • Use of handheld computers or other device for collecting data • Geographic Information Systems • Tribal natural resource management • Collaborative natural resources management • Fish passage at all life stages through culverts and other artificial structures. • Fish habitat restoration methods • Aquatic freshwater systems in the Pacific Northwest and standard aquatic sampling techniques • Forest practices activities and impacts to freshwater streams TO APPLY: Email a completed Quinault Indian Nation Application, along with a resume to Applications can be found at For questions related to the details of the position, contact Lauren Macfarland at For questions related to applying for the position, contact Human Resources at or (360) 276-8211
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