Fish & Wildlife Health Biologist, Indiana

Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife
Bloomington, IN (negotiable)
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Full time Positions
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Incumbent serves as Fish and Wildlife Health Biologist in the Office of Science and Research in the Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) in the Department of Natural Resources. Incumbent works closely with DFW staff in applying professional biological and veterinary knowledge to assist with fish and wildlife disease prevention, detection, monitoring, research, and management to improve the health of the public fish and wildlife resources of the State of Indiana. Major areas of work include: development, implementation, and evaluation of fish and wildlife health management programs; collection and processing of biological samples; data entry, management, and analysis; report writing; work planning; supply and equipment procurement and inventory; public relations and education/outreach; and technical assistance.
Job Requirements: A Bachelor of Science in Biology, Fish or Wildlife Science, Zoology, Natural Resources, Environmental Science, or a closely related field. Practical experience that provides specialized knowledge of biological and veterinary principles and fish and wildlife disease management techniques, such as field sample collection and processing and accurate record keeping. Ability to work with diseased and deceased fish and wildlife. Ability to plan and conduct investigations of fish and wildlife morbidity and mortality cases, disease surveillance, and data collection and management. Ability to work in an "on call" status, after normal business hours and on weekends, for response to toxic spills that impact fish/wildlife species or fish/wildlife disease response. Ability to wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Experience in fish and wildlife capture/immobilization preferred. Ability to prepare and interpret data and present information and evidence in order to make recommendations to supervisor. Ability to communicate clearly, verbally and in writing. Computer proficiency in basic data analysis/display software (e.g. statistics, spreadsheets, word processing, graphics) and accurate data entry. A working knowledge of GIS is preferred. Working knowledge of general administrative and clerical procedures including accurate data entry. Working knowledge of scientific methodology, procedures, and theories. Working knowledge of fish or wildlife biology and statistics in the study of natural resources and fish or wildlife health. Knowledge of major fish and wildlife diseases preferred. Working knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and programs pertaining to fish and wildlife health and environmental protection regulations. Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with the general public and external partners. Ability to direct intermittent employees and volunteers. Ability to participate in routine personal health assessments/tests, which may include the draw of body fluids (ex. blood). Must hold a valid vehicle operator's license. Ability to work as a team member or independently with limited supervision. Ability to lift up to 30 pounds at least waist high.
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Michelle Benavidez Westrich
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