Fisheries and Wildlife Stream Survey Trainee

The Ochoco National Forest and Crooked River National Grassland, in partnership with Discover Your Forest
Prineville, OR
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$18.00/ hour
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The Ochoco National Forest and Crooked River National Grassland, in partnership with Discover Your Forest is seeking a candidate to serve in the Generation Green - 21st Century Conservation Service Program as Fisheries and Stream Survey Trainee for the summer of 2023. Overview of Generation Green - 21st Century Conservation Service Trainee Program: • Number of positions hiring: Two (2) • Age requirement: 18 - 30 years and veterans up to 35 years of age • Term of Service: 640 hours (~16 weeks) • Certification: Upon completion of full-service hours, the Fisheries and Wildlife Stream Survey Trainee will receive the Public Land Corps Hiring Authority certificate. PLC Hiring Authority provides 2 years of non-competitive hiring status*. (*Non-competitive hiring status is the ability to apply and be considered for permanent vacancies within the Forest Service without competitive examination or competing with career or career-conditional employees under internal merit staffing procedures for any position which eligible. Candidates applying under this authority are considered with other non-competitive status candidates. • Provide conservation education and exposure to natural resources through mentorship and experiential shadow opportunities. • Selectee, based on personal interests, will have additional opportunities to explore other Forest Service specialties. • Housing may be available. Work Schedule: Field days are typically 10 hours. The usual crew schedule is four days a week, Monday -Thursday, with occasional shorter or longer days. About the Position: The selectee will collect of Region 6 Level II data on streams in the Ochoco National Forest as part of a multi-person survey crew. Width and depth data are collected on slow and fast water habitats, in-stream wood is measured and tallied, shade and lengths of unstable banks are measured, data on riparian and streamside vegetation are collected, and stream discharge and substrate measured. Fish presence or absence and other aquatic wildlife observations, general stream condition, and stream impacts are recorded. Electrofishing and snorkel surveys will be conducted as well as other field duties including monitoring of water quantity and quality and meadow and stream restoration project implementation. In addition, the selectee will also be implementing monitoring to detect American beaver occupancy. This monitoring will assist the Ochoco National Forest in better understanding beaver distribution Forest wide, as well as habitat selection and potential limiting factors. The selectee will be using Petro etal. 2020 beaver monitoring protocol as a guide to implement the monitoring. Lastly, the Ochoco National Forest has a variety of ongoing aquatic/riparian restoration projects. The selectee will also participate in ongoing beaver dam analogue installation, riparian planting, and riparian protection (fencing meadows and caging plants) Opportunities for data collection and entry using ArcGIS and electronic surveys on handheld tablets will be offered. Selectee will also assist with post-implementation monitoring. Types of monitoring may include photo point monitoring, riparian pasture monitoring, stream temperature monitoring, vegetation monitoring, and fish population monitoring. Hiking long distances, off-trail, over rough, sometimes steep terrain and wading in cold, fast-moving waters on shifting, uneven substrate are regular conditions of this internship. Selectee can expect exposure to biting and stinging insects, dense vegetation, varying weather conditions, and driving long distances to access survey sites. Selectee will work with experienced biologists, hydrologists, and others, and gain knowledge and experience in the mission and practices of the Forest Service, standard data collection protocols, fish identification, stream habitat function and ecology, riparian vegetation identification, land management and restoration practices on the forests, temperature and habitat monitoring, invasive species identification, and safety and wellness awareness on the job. Opportunities for GIS and data management will be offered. Crew vehicle, hardhat, backpack, chest waders and wading boots will be provided. Personal transportation from home to duty location will be is the responsibility of the selectee but mileage reimbursement may be available. If personal vehicle use is required for travel beyond the duty location for work related travel, mileage would be compensated.
Minimum Qualifications: • Valid driver’s license and clean driving record • Ability to spend long days in the field under varying weather conditions • Ability to swim or comfort being in and around water • Able to hike over rough, uneven terrain • Good, professional attitude and ability to learn and work as a team member • Efficient organization and communication skills • Good communication skills are critical for relaying observations • Attention to detail when collecting and entering data • Basic computer and mobile device skills, legible handwriting in field conditions • Interest in a fisheries/aquatics/natural resource management career
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Davey Pearson, Discover Your Forest’s Volunteer & Career Pathways Program Manager
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