Fisheries Biologist-Alaska

Environment for the Americas
Alaska State Office - Anchorage, AK
Job Category
Stipend: $500/perweek
Last Date to Apply
Environment for the Americas coordinates diversity internship programs for many organizations. Our goals are to provide science-based internships and other career-building experiences for racially and ethnically diverse undergraduate, graduate, and recently graduated students to increase relevance, diversity and inclusion in national parks, national forests, and other public lands and natural areas. Job Description: The intern would participate in a project focusing on the topic of sustainable mineral development within stream corridors in Alaska. The intern will develop a “State of the Science Report” chronicle the past efforts and challenges associated with placer mining based on science and stakeholder perspectives. This report will highlight current and future efforts the BLM to collaborate with the mining community on improved stream reclamation and updated management practices. The interns report will also pave the way for the Placer Mined Stream Reclamation Guide which will outline cost effective techniques designed to meet the performance standards in the regulations. Start/End Date: This an 11 week internship running from the beginning of June to mid August. Apply at . Also check out other internship opportunities in a variety of fields and locations around the US.
Qualifications: Age 18 to 35 Possess US citizenship or permanent residence Be enrolled in a post-secondary educational program or have graduated from college within the past year Have a strong interest, or relevant experience, in areas pertaining to, but not limited to, historic preservation, public history, archaeology, forestry, hydrology, fisheries, or physical sciences. Be social media savvy. Apply at . Also check out other internship opportunities in a variety of fields and locations around the US.
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Susan Bonfield
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