Fisheries Biologist: Escanaba Lake Research Station, Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Escanaba Lake Research Station, Boulder Junction, Wisconsin
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These positions will coordinate and assist with all aspects of fisheries research conducted at the Escanaba Lake Research Station, including compulsory creel census involvement, data collection, data entry and analysis, and writing scientific manuscript and reports. This work requires office and field work and situations in which the incumbent will serve as a crew leader on various fisheries research projects. The incumbent will engage in research activities (data collection, data summarization and visualization, statistical analysis) to address high priority needs of the Bureau of Fisheries Management. Fisheries Biologist position 1, 40% - Analyze data for coordinated fisheries research projects. Job duties include data entry, data management, data summarization and visualization, statistical analysis, and managing all project-related consultation requests. 20% - Prepare reports, manuscripts, and presentations for coordinated fisheries research projects. Job duties include contributing to annual SFR reports, writing manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications, and providing scientific presentations at various venues. 20% - Conduct independent research as directed by the Fisheries Research Team Leader and Inland Lakes Fisheries Scientist. Job duties include conducting research on high priority needs of the fisheries management program. 20% - Interview anglers as part of the NHFRA compulsory creel census. Job duties include checking anglers in and out, accurately recording standardized fishing trip data, and recording length, weight, and sex information from all harvested fishes, and data entry and management. Fisheries Biologist Position 2, 25% - Coordinate all aspects of the Howell Lake bullhead removal study. Job duties include spring and fall field fisheries surveys, bullhead removals, fish age estimation, and calculation of annual population and fish production estimates. 25% - Coordinate all aspects of the Lake Ellwood Eurasian water-milfoil chemical treatment study. Job duties include collection of limnological and zooplankton samples, zooplankton processing, data management, and data analysis. 25% - Coordinate all aspects of limnological and habitat monitoring for the NHFRA lakes. Job duties include standard water quality sampling, zooplankton collection and identification, and benthic macroinvertebrate collection and identification. 25% - Maintenance and repair of all fisheries and limnological sampling gears. Job duties included boat, trailer, outboard, net, and equipment maintenance and repair.
Required: -Experience with large database management and data quality control/assurance measures -Proficiency with statistical software packages -Experience conducting scientific research independently and in teams -Experience with scientific writing -Experience presenting formal research presentations Preferred: -M.S. in fisheries management, biology, natural resources, or related field or in pursuit of such degree -Outstanding customer service -Experience with fisheries creel surveys -Experience with data mining, summarization, and visualization -Ability to work on weekends and holidays
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Greg Sass
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