Fisheries Biologist II – Kentucky

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Somerset, KY.
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Performs professional biological work in connection with the research, management, or protection of fish populations and their habitats; and performs other duties as required. Experience in fisheries management preferred.
Must have one year of professional experience in fishery research, fishery management and/or a related field. Graduate of a college or university with a bachelor’s degree. Transcript review must indicate that the following course work has been earned at the undergraduate or graduate level: 1. Biological Sciences: 30 semester hours (45 quarter hours) in biological sciences. Four courses (12 semester or 18 quarter hours) must be in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences; 6 of the 12 required semester hours must be directly related to fisheries science and at least one course (3 semester hours) must cover the principles of fisheries science and management. These courses may include fish management, ichthyology, aquaculture, fish ecology, principles of fisheries science, limnology, and stream ecology. The remaining hours can include other biological science courses such as biology, botany, and ecology. Examples of courses include biology, botany, ecology, cellular biology, fish management, ichthyology and limnology. 2. Physical Sciences: 15 semester hours (23 quarter hours) in physical sciences. Examples of courses are chemistry, physics, hydrology, astronomy, earth science and meteorology. 3. Mathematics and Statistics: 6 semester hours (9 quarter hours) in mathematics and statistics. Must include one calculus and one statistics OR two statistics courses. 4. Communications/Human Dimensions: 9 semester hours (13quarter hours) in communications/human dimensions. Courses include verbal and writing courses that include public speaking, discussion, composition and technical writing. Up to 3 semester hours related to Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation course work will count towards the 9 semester hour requirement. Human dimensions can include courses in areas of human personnel management, conflict resolution, socioeconomic and survey techniques. Certification by The American Fisheries Society at the Associate Fisheries Professional or Certified Fisheries Professional level will substitute for the education requirements. A master’s degree in fishery management, fishery biology or a related field will substitute for one year of the required experience. Apply online at: Reference Job Code 57863BR More information on the application process can be found at
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Marcy Anderson
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