Fisheries Biologist – Mississippi

MS Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks
southwest Mississippi
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Full time Positions
$34,122.51 / Year
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This is entry-level, professional biological management work in the fields of wildlife, fisheries, ecology and natural resources conservation in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. Characteristic duties include responsibility for investigation, collection and evaluation of field or laboratory data; and, conservation development, management and restoration activities related to state-owned and leased lands, wildlife management areas, and waterfowl areas or state parks/lakes, ponds, reservoirs and other public waters. Work is planned or outlined and performed under the close supervision of a higher-level biologist or an administrative or technical superior. Incumbents at the entry level may act as project assistants in the performance of related duties, and supervision may be exercised over subordinate workers.
Education: A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited four-year college or university in Wildlife/Fisheries, Ecology/Biology or in Wildlife/Fisheries Conservation/Management, Forestry, Natural Resources, Environmental Science, or General Biology OR a directly related Bachelor's degree field with thirty (30) semester hours in the wildlife/fisheries emphasis. Required Document(s): Applicant must provide employing agency evidence of completion of education requirements and a valid copy of his/her transcript to verify course work, when applicable. Note: Applicant must possess and maintain a valid Driver's License. Apply through the MS State Personnel Board website at: The State Personnel Board job title is DWFP-Consv Assoc Biologist. Interested applicants should use this title when applying and to search for more information about the job. The closing date for this job is 11/17/17, and the Job Number is 0849-0460-20171027.
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Larry Bull
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