Fisheries Biologist- Northeast At-Sea Monitor

MRAG Americas
Gloucester, MA
Job Category
Full time Positions
$203 to $280 per day
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Last Date to Apply
Northeast At-Sea Monitor Positions; Maine and Massachusetts $203 to $280 per day Job Duties Must be available to take part and successfully complete company paid training in Falmouth, MA . Anticipated training in Fall 2018, dates to be determined. Following completion of training, Observers deploy on vessels from ports in the Northeast targeting Groundfish. Main deployment ports include Portland, ME, Gloucester, MA, Boston, MA and New Bedford, MA. Fisheries Observers collect scientific, management, compliance, and other data at sea. Observers live and sleep in cramped quarters and share common facilities. Vessels operate in ocean waters, 3-200 miles offshore in all weather conditions. Vessels range from 30-100 feet in length. Workload and Compensation Full time employment available based on minimum of 12 sea days per month. Trip assignments will range from 1-14 days in duration. Fisheries observers are allocated to a primary port to deploy from the majority of their trips; however, willingness to travel to cover locations other than their primary ports is necessary. Observer pay is based on a daily rate for at-sea time and may be eligible for additional land hours to include travel and debriefing. Observer pay is commensurate with experience, starting at $203/day, with raises based on seadays completed. At the top rate; observers with 540+ seadays earn $280/day. Trips lasting 0-24 hours are paid at the full seaday rate. Trips over 24 hours are paid by dividing the total trip length by 24 hours and multiplying by the seaday rate. Vessels provide observer meals on multiday trips and observers provide their own meals on day trips. An additional $25.00 is added on top of observers’ seaday rate for day trips to cover the meal cost. MRAG requires a 1-year commitment if hired. MRAG provides a comprehensive benefits package that includes holiday pay, monthly bonus opportunities, company paid employee medical coverage, vacation (after one year in the program) Additional coverage, including critical care, vision and dental coverage, are available at reasonable rates.
To be considered; candidates are required to hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in one of the natural sciences. A minimum of 30 semester hours or equivalent in the biological sciences and at least 1 undergraduate course in math and statistics. Current First Aid/Adult CPR certifications is also required. Private reliable transportation is required prior to start of training. Additional preferred skills include; at-sea related experience, low susceptibility or a tolerance to motion sickness, data entry experience, good communication skills and adept at working in adverse weather conditions. To Apply Interested applicants are to send the below items to Cover Letter Resume Unofficial Transcript Contact information for four (4) professional references
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Danielle Kane
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