Fisheries Biologist Supervisor – Ohio/Lake Erie

Ohio Division of Wildlife
Fairport, Ohio
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Full time Positions
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Supervises wildlife biologists and technical staff and serves as research project leader in planning and directing fish management and research projects at Fairport Harbor Fisheries Research Unit: oversees and conducts field research, surveys, laboratory analysis of samples collected, and analysis of summarization of data; assists in preparing fish and aquatic wildlife management, research and recovery programs; develops objectives and makes recommendations related to Lake Erie fishery resource matters to supervisor; maintains current evaluation of project findings; prepares monthly and annual operational and special reports; reviews, edits, and writes technical reports related to Lake Erie fishery management, research and assessment projects; manages and is accountable for assigned state and federal fiscal budgets (e.g., tracks and records spending, reviews and approves payments, payroll, authorizes purchase of supplies, equipment and materials, develops and submits future budget requests, responsible for staying within budget allocation); elicits for and oversees internal and external funding sources (e.g., grants, federal aid) to ensure proper allocation and tracking; supervises assigned staff (e.g. recruits, hires, trains, writes performance evaluations, disciplines); conducts laboratory analysis of aquatic samples (e.g., analyzes stomach contents of fish to correlate food available and consumed, identifies benthic organisms, makes age and growth determinations); participates in strategic, tactical, and operational planning through the Comprehensive Management System [CMS] by working individually or within teams to implement operational projects and participate in implementation, progress tracking, and updating/revision of all plans to facilitate progress on plan strategies, objectives, and outcomes/goals. Administers and participates in Ohio Lake Erie fishery projects related to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Geological Survey [USGS], educational institutions (e.g., universities), and other state agencies bordering Lake Erie shoreline and Canada; participates in compilation of national, inter-jurisdictional, state, and other technical reports; serves on special work groups/committees related to inter-jurisdictional fisheries on Lake Erie. Represents Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife at meetings and conferences (e.g., interagency technical groups); develops and presents technical findings at scientific and public meetings (e.g. presents information at national and regional technical conferences, presents information to stakeholders through Lake Erie forums); develops and presents data and recommendations to Wildlife Council, constituents, and special interest groups; responds to public inquiries (e.g., in person, telephone, in writing); serves as resource specialist in development of strategic plans; supervises facility operations and maintenance at the Fairport Harbor Fisheries Research Unit (e.g. approves purchases, ensures areas and equipment are properly maintained and kept clean, prepares documents for equipment procurement, trains staff in safety methods, procedures, and techniques, oversees preventative maintenance, facilities and equipment).
Completion of graduate core program in fisheries science; 6 months experience as research project leader (e.g., designs research project and objectives, prepares and oversees project budgets; develops and implements survey techniques; evaluates project results; writes reports of project findings). -Or completion of undergraduate core program in previously cited areas; 18 months experience in aquatic research of which at least 6 months was in project leader capacity. (e.g., designs research project and objectives, prepares and oversees project budgets; develops and implements survey techniques; evaluates project results; writes reports of project findings). -Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications For Employment noted above. Knowledge of: statistical analysis; research methods, technical writing; budgeting; management; workforce planning; employee training and development; supervisory techniques and principles; safety practices (first aid, operating watercraft, working in, on, and around water); public relations; office management; agency policies and procedures (department, division)*; government structure and process (local, state, federal)*; natural sciences (fish management practices, aquatic biology, limnology, aquatic ecology, wildlife management practices); law (federal and state laws and regulations, Ohio Revised Code 1531 and 1533, administrative rules)*. Skilled in: word processing (Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, ArcGIS, SAS, R or other statistical analysis software); equipment operation (computer [desktop/laptop], general office equipment, watercraft, vehicle). Ability to: define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions; use statistical analysis; write and edit complex, technical documents; prepare and deliver speeches before specialized audiences and general public; develop complex reports and position papers; gather, collate and classify data; establish friendly atmosphere as supervisor of work unit; handle sensitive inquiries from and contacts with officials and general public. * Developed after employment COMPETENCIES: Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings; Getting Information; Working with Computers. Applications must be submitted online:
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Marlene Orr
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