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The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is seeking proposals from qualified fisheries biologists/ichthyologists to provide 1) genetic analyses and 2) a subsequent manuscript describing the taxonomic diversity and phylogeography within and among Beringia region freshwater and anadromous fishes. Genetic diversity, taxonomy, and phylogeography of freshwater and anadromous fishes of the Beringia region have been described in a piecemeal and incomplete manner to this date. Thus, a review knitting together existing information, complemented by genetic samples from the region that have not yet been run, is desired. This is because many of the fish species that inhabit Beringia are highly important to the food security of Indigenous and rural residents, and a compilation of knowledge is needed in order to assess the geographic distribution and resiliency of these fish. This will be especially critical given changing species distributions, invasion of alien species, and increased hybridization occurring due to climate change and increased human development in the Arctic. Therefore, by analyzing genetic data from fish fin clips and reviewing existing literature, we will describe the genetic diversity, taxonomy, and phylogeography of freshwater and anadromous fish species of the Beringia region. Proposer will: 1. Analyze genetic samples from various fish species collected from Beringia and aggregate to describe diversity and landscape patterns within and among species. 2. Write manuscript describing the phylogeography of Beringia region freshwater and anadromous fishes for submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. 3. Manuscript submitted to a peer-reviewed journal
Desired Qualifications: 1. In-depth knowledge of Beringia region freshwater and anadromous fish taxonomy and phyleogeography (i.e. including knowledge of both North American and Northeast Russian fish faunas) 2. Experience conducting and interpreting advanced genetic analyses 3. Doctor of Philosophy degree in Fisheries, Ichthyology, or related field 4. At least two manuscripts related to Bering fishes genetics, phyleogeography, taxonomy, or biology published in peer-reviewed scientific journals For full RFP, send email of inquiry to no later than JUNE 30, 2022
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Kevin Fraley
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