Fisheries Research Assistant – OK, AR, TX

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Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas
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Full time Positions
$35-42k annually
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Assist with fish sampling in multiple states using a variety of gears (electrofishing, gill nets, fyke nets, seining etc.), fish tagging and tracking, and habitat data/water quality collection efforts in the field (rivers and reservoirs). Fish sampling will target invasive carp (Bighead and Silver Carp) to determine population demographics and spatial/temporal distribution of them in the lower Red River basin. Additionally, all other fishes encountered will recorded for native fish data; Fisheries sampling includes collecting fish data (i.e., species, length/weight), prepare otoliths and other aging structures for processing and assist with determining estimated age; take fin clips, and remove other structures and preserve for the PI; enter field and laboratory data; provide summary tables and assist with report writing; maintain field equipment such as electrofishing boats, boat motors, trailers, and trucks; and perform other duties as assigned.
I am Jhan Zeb Joseph. I have a masters degree in fisheries management. My research work was actually field work during my studies, i was working in field and my main tasks were fish growth data collection, water quality analysis and lab work. I also used statistical software and wrote a thesis also. I have sent my CV to DR. Shanon.
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Dr. Shannon Brewer
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