Fisheries Research Scientist; Glenwood, Minnesota

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Glenwood, Minnesota
Job Category
Full time Positions
$60,468 - $89,095
Last Date to Apply
This position is responsible for independently planning, designing, and executing original research addressing conservation and management of fisheries and other aquatic resources in Minnesota, especially as it relates to quantitative fisheries analysis; performing statistical analyses and conducting quantitative policy evaluations as the needs arise on important Minnesota fisheries; contributing to peer reviewed, scientific literature; establishing professional working relationships and collaborating with fisheries management personnel statewide, and representing the Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Research Unit at meetings, trainings, and on committees as assigned or required.
A Master’s degree in a fisheries related area with two years post-graduation experience including independent research project design, implementation and analysis; or a PhD in a fisheries related area including independent research project design, implementation and analysis. Thorough knowledge/understanding of current fishery science, especially quantitative fishery science, fish population and community dynamics, population and simulation modeling, and predator/prey dynamics. Job related experience conducting applied fisheries research (e.g., analysis of fisheries management actions and/or policy analysis to identify tradeoffs/consequences of alternative management actions). Skill in statistical analyses, including proficiency in Program R or other statistical software packages. Advanced analytical skills to conduct research and to provide critical review of peer research. Exceptional personal and written communication skills as well as oral presentation skills. At least two (2) senior authored fisheries research articles in peer-reviewed, scientific journals. Conflict management skills to analyze and resolve ambiguous or controversial situations and make difficult decisions on policy/program direction. Ability to collaborate on large scale projects involving a diverse team from a variety of scientific disciplines.
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