Fisheries & Stream Restoration Technician: Sheridan, Wyoming

University of Wyoming
Sheridan, WY
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$16.28/hr + housing
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Walters’ Lab at the University of Wyoming & Wyoming Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit is seeking applications for 3 positions to aid in data collection and stream restoration work in the northern Great Plains. The project aims to determine how low-tech, process-based restoration (e.g. beaver mimicry, large-woody debris addition, etc.) and natural beaver activity influences diverse fish and amphibian assemblages in prairie ecosystems. Work will take place across sites in the prairie of Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, and Nebraska with housing provided in Sheridan, WY. Two of these sites will be actively restored by the hirees and graduate student supervisor (near Glasgow, MT & Sheridan, WY), and maintenance will be conducted at a third restoration site (near Buffalo, WY). Occasional tent camping will be required. Low-tech restoration requires physical labor in remote settings, and applicants should therefore have a strong work ethic, an ability to work in occasionally adverse conditions, and maintain positive morale and working relationships with other crew members. Physical and mental health of crew members is our top priority, and technicians are expected to be respectful of these concerns whether working as a team or individually. You should also expect the same from your supervisor and other crew members. All hirees must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (2 shots + 2 boosters) by the start date. Fisheries surveys using standard protocols seining will also be conducted. Experience with these techniques is a desired, but not required, qualification. While work schedules will include working irregular hours, we strive to create a fun atmosphere while also accomplishing our objectives. Working with friends is always better! Applications reviewed on a rolling basis. Open until filled. Job Dates: 6/12/2023 – 8/11/2023 To apply: Please email a cover letter, resume, and 3 relevant reference contacts to with the subject “Technician Application.” Pre-application questions are also welcome.
Required Qualifications: • B.S. (or currently pursuing) in ecology, fish & wildlife, natural resources or related • Valid driver’s license • COVID-19 vaccination + boosters
Contact Person
Niall Clancy
Contact eMail
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