Fisheries Technician 5: Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
Thompson Falls, MT
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his job description describes the basic duties of the Fisheries Technician 5 across the state of Montana. The goals and projects developed by the biologist and fish managers in each region are based on the overall goals and mission of the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks and the Fisheries Division. Generally the duties of the Fisheries Tech 5 may include planning and coordination with the biologist for survey and inventory of aquatic species, planning and utilization of electronic testing and tracking equipment on fisheries resources for monitoring survival/mortality, movements and behavior, and reproductive performance, planning and coordination of creel surveys, and the collection of biological and habitat samples, recording, entry, management, and analysis of data, and the operation and maintenance of fisheries equipment. This position may supervise other fisheries technicians depending on the needs and goals of projects for the region. The position will be responsible for the safe operation, maintenance, and purchase of field equipment.
Minimum Qualifications (Education and Experience): The knowledge, skills, and abilities of this position are normally attained through combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in fish biology, fish and wildlife management, ecology, biology, and three years of progressive job-related experience or work closely related to fish and wildlife biology. Combinations of education and experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Behaviors): Ability to develop, plan, and prioritize projects in coordination with the biologist and fish manager. Knowledge and understanding of sampling, laboratory, field operations will be required. Supervise, manage, and train staff to conduct surveys and using electronic tracking equipment is required. Knowledge of and experience with computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and data storage and analysis with statistical applications are required. Map reading skills and familiarity with map coordinate systems are required. Good organizational and time management skills are needed as well as the ability to accurately collect, record, and summarize data. Knowledge of the safe collection of blood, tissue, or other samples from fish and aquatic organisms is required. Applicants must demonstrate an ability to work with professional biologists, other research assistants and the public. Communication skills, both written and verbal, are required. Applicants must be knowledgeable and be familiar with motorboat operation, safety and be able to operate a four-wheel drive vehicles with training. The ability to work with little or no direct supervision in potentially hazardous conditions is expected.
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