Fisheries Technician: Escanaba Lake Research Station, Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Escanaba Lake Research Station, Boulder Junction, Wisconsin
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Assist with all aspects of fisheries research conducted at the Escanaba Lake Research Station, including data collection, data entry and analysis, and writing reports. The job requires office and field work and situations in which the incumbent will serve as a crew leader. 25% - Interview anglers as part of the NHFRA compulsory creel census. Job duties include interviewing anglers prior to and after fishing events, recording all required permit information, accurately measuring, weighing, and sexing all harvested fishes, and data management. 25% - Maintenance of Escanaba Lake Research Station building, grounds, and equipment. Job duties include building upkeep, lawn mowing, landscaping, and maintenance and repair of all fisheries research field gear including boats, trailers, nets, and other equipment. 25% - Assist with all fisheries research field surveys. Job duties include fyke netting, electrofishing, gill netting, marking of fish, radio telemetry, PIT tag readers, the collection of length, weight, sex, and aging information from all surveyed fishes, and standardized limnological sampling. 25% - Conduct independent research to address high priority needs of the Bureau of Fisheries Management. Job duties include data acquisition, data visualization and statistical analyses, and report and manuscript writing.
Qualifications Required: -Experience with standardized fisheries sampling gears -Proficient in identifying the fishes of Wisconsin -Experience maintaining and repairing basic fisheries sampling gears and equipment -Ability to work in inclement weather and on weekends and holidays Preferred: -B.S. degree in fisheries management, biology, natural resources management or related field or currently in pursuit of such a degree -Demonstrated excellence in customer service -Experience with database management and common fisheries statistical analyses -Experience with report and manuscript writing
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Greg Sass
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