Fisheries Technician III (Spiridon/Telrod)

Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association
Kodiak, Alaska
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$17.50-$19.00, DOE, overtime eligible.
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Dates: April 16 – August 30, 2023. Employment may be extended through October 30th to work on the Otolith Recovery project (separate position announcement). Duties: Leads a team of seasonal field personnel to execute daily monitoring activities stationed full-time at remote field site for duration of project period without on-site supervision from Biologists. Responsibilities include ensuring on-site safety, planning work tasks and scheduling rotating night/day crew shifts to accommodate migration patterns, data collection and entry of scale, weight, sex, length, and otolith samples. Provides daily reports to project supervisor including data, well-being, scheduled grocery resupply, and related tasks via satellite phone. Must be highly motivated, attention to detail, and manage daily priorities leading the crew in unison to achieve the project objectives. Project Description: Spiridon Lake/Telrod Cove is accessible by floatplane from the City of Kodiak. Personnel will remain on-site for the duration of the project except for 1-2 weeks for training and post-deployment periods in Kodiak. Communication will be by satellite phone to relay data updates, resupply trips, and crew welfare. Normal phone or Internet is not available. The majority of time will be spent outdoors with extended exposure to cold, swift water, sun, rain, biting bugs, and bears. All camp supplies including groceries will be flown in every 2-3 weeks and carried by frame pack to the job site. Meals are prepared on propane gas stove and drinking water is filtered from nearby stream. Field personnel will live and work in proximity to Kodiak brown bears; safety is upmost priority to minimize human/bear interactions. Benefits of the area are incredible outdoor recreation in a remote wilderness setting. KRAA will provide safety training (bear, firearm) and review sampling procedures prior to deployment. KRAA will provide transportation to/from the field site, housing, groceries, and chest waders/rain gear for the project duration. A shared bunkhouse is provided for transition between start/end dates. All personal clothing/gear is provided by the candidate.
Qualifications: Education in fisheries/aquaculture, biology or other natural resource field and demonstrated leadership experience. The FT III should be highly motivated and safety oriented with excellent organizational and communication skills. Experience in field data collection techniques (fisheries preferred), extended backcountry/camping, outboard motor operation, knot tying/splicing, and basic construction techniques are essential for this position. Successful candidate is expected to receive First Aid and CPR (Wilderness first aid preferred) certifications prior to start date. Safety is of upmost priority and candidate must be able to respond effectively to emergency situations. Candidates must also physically lift 50 lbs. Strenuous hiking carrying frame packs (50 lbs.) several miles over rough terrain in brown bear country is required. Requires safe handling of firearms in protection against brown bear. The ability to self-entertain during non-working hours and maintain a positive attitude under challenging field conditions will be important.
Contact Person
Trenten Dodson
Contact Phone
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