Fisheries & Wildlife Biological Scientist II (OPS)-Florida

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
West Palm Beach, Florida
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Full time Positions
$15.43 an hour
Last Date to Apply
Description of duties: This Other Personal Services (OPS) position works to manage natural communities, wildlife populations and the day to day operations on the John C. and Mariana Jones/Hungryland Wildlife and Environmental Area located Martin and Palm Beach Counties. Assists lead biologist in planning, developing and implementing natural community restoration and wildlife management programs on the area. Provides assistance in the preparation of various plans and documents that guide multiple-use management. Assists with the application of land management treatments including prescribed burning, mechanical vegetation treatment and chemical control of invasive plants. Surveys and monitors focal and listed wildlife species using scientifically accepted protocols. Conducts vegetation surveys including those of imperiled native flora and monitors vegetation response to habitat manipulations. Plans, develops and oversees construction and maintenance of public use infrastructure including roads, parking areas, kiosks, picnic facilities, vault toilet, campsites, trails, fences and gates. Assists with management of public recreational use programs, including hunter check station operation and oversight. Analyzes and reports data to direct future management decisions. Assists and collaborates with staff on other conservation areas and provides technical assistance to individuals, organizations, and other government agencies regarding wildlife and habitat management. Participates in team meetings, seminars and workshops relating to wildlife resource management or other training opportunities. Provides presentations to conservation organizations, schools and civic groups. County: Martin and Palm Beach Working hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; Monday through Friday, with early morning, evening, weekend and holiday work as required. List of any subordinates supervised: Seasonal OPS (hunter check station operators) and occasional volunteers
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Knowledge and experience in conducting wildlife surveys with an emphasis on nongame species, analyzing data, and summarizing results Knowledge and experience with the application of prescribed fire Knowledge and experience with chemical or mechanical control of invasive exotic vegetation Knowledge of ArcGIS and GPS and its application Ability to operate and maintain trailers, 4WD trucks, ATVs, swamp buggies, tractors and farm implements Ability to work independently and in a variety of weather conditions Ability to work efficiently in a team of diverse people with differing backgrounds Ability to plan and prioritize work assignments Ability to interact and communicate effectively with stakeholders Ability to perform quantitative analysis of scientific data Skill in use of Microsoft Office software (e.g. Word, Excel, Access, etc.) Level of Education: Bachelor’s degree in a life or physical science Please submit applications through People First website:
Contact Person
Pamela Boody
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