Fishery Biologist 1 (PCN 111641)

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Cordova, AK
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$26.70 Hourly
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
This position plays a critical role in communicating crucial information to area managers to provide sustainable and efficient fishing opportunities. The incumbent will coordinate logistics for Prince William Sound and Copper River field camps and communicate daily with those field camps to receive escapement numbers. The incumbent will gain experience and a diverse skill set working with a variety of commercial fisheries stock assessment projects necessary for sustainable Alaska fisheries, including resistance board and picket weirs, catch and escapement sampling, and ARIS sonar, while also learning how to deal with all of the logistical challenges of executing projects across broad geographic regions. This, in combination with learning the administrative aspects of the job such as budget management, hiring, procurement, report writing, data management, and analysis will allow the incumbent to gain all the necessary skills to comfortably step into higher level biologist positions in the future. This position includes overtime as well as state benefits and will typically be staffed from May through August. Housing in Cordova is available in a shared bunkhouse.
1. Experience working at remote fisheries assessment projects, experience installing, operating and maintain fish weirs and coordinating logistics preferred. 2. Knowledge of Pacific salmon biology and fisheries and ability to identify ocean bright Pacific salmon. 3. Good communication skills: Strong oral and written communication skills for diverse groups ranging from local fishery groups to scientific audiences. 4. Strong organizational skills and data management experience. Work experience entering data, querying and error checking relational databases, and creating technical reports using spreadsheets and word processing in Microsoft Word and Excel.
Contact Person
Matthew Olson
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