Fishery Management Plan Coordinator, 22-003: Arlington, Virginia

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
Arlington, Virginia
Job Category
Full time Positions
$53,000-57,000 annually with benefits
Last Date to Apply
Duties: As Fishery Management Plan Coordinator, the incumbent is responsible for development and coordination of ASMFC fishery management plans. The incumbent is required to organize technical committees, advisory panels, and management board meetings, as well as stock assessment workshops; facilitate meetings to foster consensus building; integrate workshop, committee findings, and board decisions into fisheries management plans; and disseminate information through written reports and presentations. This position requires working under tight timelines as well as integrating a number of complex and controversial issues to address complex policy issues. The attached position description contains more detailed information about this position. The Commission's website ( will provide comprehensive information about its activities. The position of Fishery Management Plan Coordinator is based out of the Arlington, Virginia office of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) and requires frequent overnight travel, primarily along the Atlantic coast. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Commission staff in the Arlington office is currently teleworking and work travel has been suspended until further notice. The incumbent reports to the Fisheries Policy Director. Application Process: Please email a resume and cover letter referencing the vacancy number (22-003) to Laura Leach, Director of Finance and Administration, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, 1050 N. Highland Street; Suite 200 A-N, Arlington, VA 22201 by the closing date of January 31, 2022. The vacancy number (22-003) must be identified in the subject line. Position Description: Fishery Management Plan Coordinator General Description: The Fishery Management Plan Coordinator is responsible for coordination of ASMFC fishery management plans (FMPs) within the Commission’s Interstate Fisheries Management Program (ISFMP). The ISFMP is the deliberative body of the 15 Atlantic coastal states, coordinating the conservation and management of valuable Atlantic coast fisheries. Under the terms of the Atlantic Coastal Fisheries Cooperative Management Act, the Commission works cooperatively with its state members, federal agencies, and others to develop, approve, and amend FMPs, which the states are then required to implement and enforce. Within the Commission, the process is governed by the ISFMP Charter. The primary responsibilities for the program, in both the FMP development and implementation phases, are carried out by species fishery management boards. Primary support for the management boards comes from ASMFC Fishery Management Plan Coordinators and other Commission committees including: Plan Development Teams, Plan Review Teams, Technical Committees, Stock Assessment Subcommittees, Law Enforcement, Advisory Panels, and others. The process under the Charter emphasizes public participation, as well as clear and understandable documentation to prepare for, and explain, management board decisions. Specific Duties: 1) Provide full staff support to a number of species management boards operating under the ISFMP Charter A) As coordinator of interjurisdictional committees and sub-committees, coordinate development, approval, implementation, and monitoring of fishery management plans in a timely, efficient fashion that meets ASMFC Standards and Procedures for FMPs. B) Keep detailed records of committee, public hearings and management board actions and recommendations. C) Travel frequently in support of implementing and coordinating management information and decisions. D) Frequently work under tight timelines on management issues that may be controversial. E) Communicate in writing and orally with fisheries stakeholders, and upper level state, federal, and Congressional staff. 2) Work with state members to conduct public hearings on Commission fishery management actions. 3) Coordinate with other ASMFC employees to ensure consistency and maximize efficiency among programs. 4) Participate in other miscellaneous duties to assist in the successful functioning of the Commission. 5) Conduct these activities according to Commission policies and procedures. Supervision: The Fishery Management Plan Coordinator reports directly to the Fisheries Policy Director. The incumbent is expected to exercise substantial discretion and initiative in addressing the needs of the fishery management boards under their responsibility, with general guidance from the Fisheries Policy Director. Work Environment: Work is performed in an office setting; however it involves extensive travel, primarily along the Atlantic Coast. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Commission staff in the Arlington office is currently teleworking and work travel has been suspended until further notice. The work is fast-paced and also involves substantial mental demands, including integrating multiple complex and controversial tasks at one time. Overtime: This position is not qualified for overtime under the Fair Labor and Standards Act. Flexible working hours (with supervisory approval) are available under the Commission’s policies. However, the FMP Coordinator position is a salaried employee and is expected to put in the effort needed to make the Commission’s programs successful.
Applicants must have a graduate degree in fisheries management/environmental policy, marine biology, or a related field. Interdisciplinary preparation for fisheries management, knowledge of fisheries stock assessment methods, and experience with developing policy or position statements should be demonstrated. Applicants should have proven written and oral communication skills as well as demonstrate coordination, facilitation, public speaking, and interpersonal skills. Must be eligible to work in the United States.
Contact Person
Laura C. Leach, Director of Finance and Administration
Contact Phone
(703) 842-0740
Contact eMail
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