Forest Ecology Research Summer Field Technician: Alabama

Alabama A&M University
Paint Rock, Alabama
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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Scientists from Alabama A&M in cooperation with Nature Conservancy and Smithsonian Institution's Forest Global Earth Observatory (ForestGEO) program are establishing the first large forest dynamics plot in the Southeast located in the Sharp Bingham Mountain Preserve in Jackson County, near Huntsville, North Alabama. Technicians will be responsible for tagging, mapping, and measuring tree diameters as part of the forest inventory. Additional duties may include: field vehicle and equipment maintenance and data management and entry. The plot is located in one of the most botanically and ecologically diverse regions of North America, and technicians will be offered opportunities to learn to identify woody and wildlife species and learn more about forest ecology and dynamics. Additional potential learning opportunities include use of geographic information systems (GIS), and the statistical analysis software R. Technicians will also receive orienteering, field safety, and leadership training.
Should be recently graduated or currently enrolled undergraduate in a forestry, biology, environmental science or related program and must demonstrate a desire to participate in field research. Hard-working and able to get along with other team members and supervisors, ability to work long days' outdoors in adverse weather conditions (such as extreme heat and humidity). Applicants must enjoy working outside, work well in a team/small group, follow instructions, accurately collect data, and pay close attention to detail. Ability to work outdoors for long hours on rocky, rugged terrain under hot, humid, ticky conditions required; and be comfortable with encountering wildlife, including spiders, snakes, ticks, and insects.
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Dawn Lemke
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