Forest Health Invasive Species Strike Team Specialist; Avon (near Rochester) NY

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Avon (near Rochester) NY
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$18.22 per hour
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DEC Division of Lands & Forests, Forest Health, has statewide invasive species control programs for giant hogweed, kudzu, southern pine beetle, hemlock wooly adelgid, spotted lantern fly and other target species. This position will move between control programs based on the seasonality of treatment for each species. The position’s duties involve fieldwork throughout NY on both public and private lands; mapping infestations, collecting site information, surveying for plants and implementing control of giant hogweed, kudzu, southern pine beetle, hemlock wooly adelgid and other target species. Appropriate safety equipment and safety training will be provided at the outset of employment. Principal Duties • Contact property owners to obtain permission to enter property for survey and/or control. • Locate specific control sites using maps and GIS products. • Implement manual and chemical control of giant hogweed, kudzu, hemlock wooly adelgid, spotted lantern fly and other target plant, insect or disease. Pesticide will be applied under the supervision of a certified commercial pesticide applicator using an appropriate backpack sprayer and nozzle to minimize non-target effects, according to the product label and manufacturer’s safety instructions. All necessary equipment will be provided. Landowners will be notified prior to herbicide application and provided with a copy of the herbicide label. • Use equipment such as a compact tracked loader or a tracked aerial lift and power tools such as chainsaws or brush saws access and treat southern pine beetle and other target species. • Conduct field surveys with the use of a hand-held GPS and mobile mapping unit and plot target species location polygons and records on digital maps. • Acquire and inventory digital photographs of specific control sites to monitor yearly progress. • Maintain detailed records of the control activities and site information for each site. This is a seasonal, year-round 100% position with an anticipated start date of April 24 or May 17, 2023. Program needs will determine actual termination date, which may be prior to termination date indicated. Field season schedule is Monday-Thursday 7:00-5:30. Actual schedule may vary and will be discussed at the interview. Position includes health benefits. Personal, vacation and holiday accruals will be earned after 38 weeks.
Minimum qualifications for Forest Technician: Thirty (30) semester credit hours, including twelve (12) semester credit hours in forestry, which must include at least one course in three or more of the following areas: botany, dendrology, forest biology, forest ecology, forest ecosystem management, forest entomology, forest health, forest mensuration, forest pathology, forest protection, forest soils, general soils, geographic information systems, land surveying and silviculture OR One (1) year of technical forestry experience in one (1) or more of the following areas: forest management, including sale and removal of timber products; nursery management, including the transplanting of tree or shrub seedlings; forest pest management, including control of diseases and insect pests. Preferred knowledge and skills: • Experience identifying and controlling invasive plants using manual and chemical control methods. Ability to identify giant hogweed, kudzu and associated plants with minimal training. • Experience identifying common tree species of New York and the pests that impact them. • Skill in using maps, GPS and GIS to assist in locating and recording survey sites. Experience creating GIS polygons using ArcMap or ArcGIS. • Physical ability to dig, cut and/or use a pesticide backpack, or use a chainsaw to control invasive species for long hours in hot and cold weather in a variety of terrains while maintaining a good attitude. • Excellent organizational skills • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to interact well with the public and provide accurate information about giant hogweed, kudzu, hemlock wooly adelgid, southern pine beetle and other target species to interested persons. • Self-motivated, work well both independently and in a collaborative setting. • Must be a NY State Certified Category 2, 3A or 9 Pesticide Technician/Applicator or able to pass pesticide exams. Ability to follow direction regarding safe pesticide application. • Required to have or ability to pass Game of Logging Levels 1 & 2 or equivalent • Candidates must possess a valid New York State driver’s license at the time of appointment. • Must be physically able to perform the duties assigned. To apply: Review the job posting Please email/mail your resume and transcript to Heath Boomhower at . Be sure to include Posting #23-126489 on your resume and also in the subject line of your email or it may not be accepted. You must submit a copy of your college transcript of qualifying courses with your resume. An unofficial copy is acceptable. Including 3 professional references and a cover letter is preferred.
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