Four Oaks Plantation Biologist/Lake Manager- Georgia

Four Oaks Plantation
Boston, Georgia
Job Category
Full time Positions
$65,000-$75,000/yr; depending on qualifications; health plan, temporary 3 months housing while settling ; a vehicle for operations will be a part of the remuneration package considered. The candidate will be responsible for providing housing after 3 months.
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Four Oaks Plantation Lake Management Program- Site, Fisheries and Recreation Manager Contact: Michael Mitchell 303-589-2178; Jay Kimbrel 228-255-3900 Four Oaks Plantation is a high quality land management and recreation operation on 18,000 acres near Boston, Georgia. Its program emphasizes superior outdoor recreation including hunting and trophy warm water fisheries on six lake systems. Lakes vary from 10 acres to 300 acres. The plantation utilizes expert consultation in fisheries, lake management and lake development for management. The successful candidate will coordinate with fishery staff and report directly to the Manager of the facility. The plantation is looking for a self-starter, willing to work weekend at times, that can run and implement all elements of the day to day lake management program providing high quality fisheries and angling experiences for guests. It is primarily a “field” position with many outdoor tasks. Office tasks include computer skills using Microsoft Office Suite (all programs), computer search engines and communications formats such as email, texting and downloading from field monitoring equipment. It requires hands on monitoring, reporting, budgeting, and coordination with consultants, including site and fish management of the lakes, landscaping, vegetation control, aeration system maintenance/operation, fishery sampling for quality, fish harvest, handling and movement, prescribe and coordinate hatchery supply, fish stocking, lake fertilization applications, maintenance of fish feeders and fish feed, lake fertilization under direction for rates/compounds, and recreational use of the lakes. Training in fisheries and sampling, site management, lake management, boat operation and management, aquatic/terrestrial pesticide application, aeration operation and budgeting for fishery/recreation projects would assist a successful applicant. Training of qualified individuals in new task areas will be provided by 4 Oaks Plantation. An important job duty is coordination of self and up to 2 additional guides (when needed) to guide anglers on plantation lakes. Training in all areas of need for this position will be considered for the right candidate. Successful candidates must also adhere to normal health and safety requirements for employment.
Education: Minimum education required is 2-4 year college degree or combination with experience in aquatic sciences and/or angling guiding. The successful candidate will have opportunities for additional professional training and education. More complete job description available . Please call.
Contact Person
Michael J. Mitchell
Contact Phone
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