FPCC Resource Management Fisheries Intern-Illinois

Friends of the Forest Preserves
Orland Park, IL
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This intern will gain hands-on experience with the professional staff of the Forest Preserve of Cook County’s fisheries section. Tasks include the everyday management of the Forest Preserves’ 40 fishing lakes and other water bodies. Candidates must be hard-working and open-minded, with a passion for the conservational aspects of not only fisheries biology, but also general biology and the recreational aspects of fishing. Duties: •Handle fish sampling equipment, including but not limited to: dip nets, gill nets, trap nets, etc. •Handle both live and dead fish specimens, as well as other types of wildlife •Assist with the maintenance of Fisheries section equipment, facilities, and grounds •May perform any and all duties of the Fisheries Technician as required or other assigned duties •Speak publicly and present information on Forest Preserve Fisheries work to the public •Data entry and office duties as needed •Ability to work evenings and weekends *16 weeks [March 25th – July 15th, 2019] - 30 hours/wk
•Must be at least 18 years of age; must possess a current valid driver’s license •Ability to work outdoors and in inclement weather •This position occasionally requires exposure to potentially hazardous work environment and the physical ability to perform various types of physical exertion, including, but not limited to: lifting, pulling, pushing, and moving moderate to heavy weight (50 lbs.) •Relevant educational background, including, but not limited to, general biology or science related course work •Basic knowledge of current conservation practices as it applies to fish and aquatic vegetation •Working knowledge of Microsoft office products including excel spreadsheets
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Hannah Miller
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