Free Online Course: Facilitating Species Conservation Planning Workshops

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Planning for the recovery of threatened species is a complex process. Often multiple stakeholders and interests need to be considered. Navigating through this socio-cultural 'minefield' takes a suite of skills which are rarely covered within an existing degree or post-graduate biology programs. Facilitation skills provide us with the confidence and competence we require to work through such situations. Conservation Planning Specialist Group has developed a FREE 6-week online course on Facilitating Species Conservation Planning Workshops. By the end of the course participants will be able to: -Describe the role of the facilitator in consensus-based decision making -Design and facilitate a planning meeting or workshop -Follow the CPSG species conservation planning workshop process -Select facilitation tools to help groups solve problems, make decisions and develop plans Places on the course are limited. Priority will be given to participants from IUCN SSC Specialist Groups, staff of government departments responsible for species conservation planning, and individuals who can demonstrate that the skills will be applied to facilitating species conservation planning workshops in the near future.
The course will run from 18 February 2019- 29 March 2019. Please be prepared to dedicate about 6 hours each week to the course. Please visit our website to learn more and to apply. Applications are due by 25 January 2019.
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Sofia Bilkadi
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