Freshwater Invertebrate Biologist, Biological Scientist II-Florida

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Gainesville, Florida
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$35,745.00 annually
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The Freshwater Invertebrate Resource Assessment and Research Program of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is seeking a freshwater invertebrate biologist/ecologist (position # 77000942) with high level organizational, analytical, field, and communication skills. Minimum qualifications for the position are a Bachelor's degree in one of the biological or physical sciences and one year of professional experience. MS preferred. Background in aquatic entomology/taxonomy preferred but not required. The successful candidate will be involved with the operation of all aspects of FWC’s statewide Freshwater Invertebrate Resource Evaluation and Research Program, including research study design, field work, laboratory work, database compilation, data analysis, report writing, peer-reviewed publication authorship, and oral presentations. Duties and Responsibilities • Contribute to the planning, design, and implementation of freshwater invertebrate monitoring and research programs designed to assess the status of freshwater invertebrate communities and their habitats in major river basins and lakes in Florida. • Organize and lead single and multiple day sampling events to study sites on Florida streams and lakes. • Operation, trailering, and maintenance of conventional boats and airboats. • Sample freshwater invertebrate populations and communities using state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative methods. • Assist with supervision of FWC freshwater invertebrate laboratory. • Species level taxonomic identifications of freshwater invertebrates. • Compile and maintain statewide aquatic invertebrate databases. • Data analysis using a variety of statistical software that may include SAS, Systat, R, Primer, and PC-ORD. • Use of GIS software to produce maps and analyze distribution and habitat data. • Purchase equipment and commodities related to freshwater invertebrate research programs strictly following State of Florida purchasing rules and protocols. • Project administration, including detailed record keeping and timely submission of State of Florida documents and records. • Production of written reports and documents by strict deadlines. Writing of peer-reviewed publications documenting results, conclusions, and management recommendations from research projects. • Production of oral presentations and posters for delivery at state and national conferences and workshops. • Remain current with scientific literature and issues pertinent to freshwater invertebrate taxonomy, ecology, environmental requirements and tolerances of freshwater invertebrates, imperiled invertebrates, and invasive invertebrates. • Assist Project Leader with freshwater invertebrate research study design, proposal development, taxonomic identifications and operation of freshwater invertebrate laboratory. • Maintenance of project vehicles, boats, motors, trailers, sampling gear, and laboratory equipment. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities • Knowledge of current quantitative and qualitative methods used to sample freshwater invertebrates. • Knowledge of techniques and current literature used to identify freshwater invertebrates, including freshwater Oligochaeta and Chironomidae, to the species level. • Knowledge of current issues in aquatic invertebrate ecology, especially those pertaining to freshwater invertebrates imperiled species and invasive species. • Knowledge of aquatic plant identification techniques and literature. • Knowledge of vehicle, boat, and trailer maintenance procedures. • Ability to identify freshwater invertebrates to species level. • Ability to work long hours in sometimes unpleasant field conditions that might include rain, high winds, rough water, heat, cold, darkness, biting insects, snakes, and alligators. • Ability to lift 50 pounds repeatedly. • Ability to organize and lead multiple day, multiple person, field trips. • Ability to swim and snorkel. • Ability to operate electronic instruments that measure environmental quality parameters, including YSI multi-parameter probes, flow meters, and GPS units. • Ability to operate and trailer boats. • Ability to collect quantitative and qualitative samples of aquatic invertebrates using a variety of gear types and techniques that include wading and snorkeling in open water and marshes. • Ability to design and compile electronic databases. • Ability to use statistical analysis software that may include SAS, Systat, R, Primer, and PC-ORD. • Ability to use GIS software to assist with map making and data analysis. • Ability to communicate study results effectively in written reports and peer-reviewed scientific publications. • Ability to present research findings via oral presentations and posters at scientific conferences and workshops. • Ability to communicate effectively and amicably with co-workers in a team environment. • Ability to conduct administrative functions associated with project management, including purchasing and detailed record keeping. • Ability to meet strict deadlines. • Skilled in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. • Skilled in the effective written and oral communication of study findings and conclusions.
Minimum qualifications are a Bachelors degree in one of the biological or physical sciences and one year of professional work experience. M.S. or Ph.D. preferred. Background in aquatic entomology preferred. To apply logon to: Applications must be submitted electronically through People First ( Apply for Position # 77000942.
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