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POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Front-end Developer Conservation Science Partners (CSP; is seeking a Front-end Developer to support the technical work of 25+ creative conservation biologists, ecologists, and social scientists implementing 50+ science-driven projects across the U.S. and internationally. Conservation Science Partners is a leader in the fields of conservation biology and landscape ecology, working at the intersection of the latest computational technologies and the environmental sciences. We work in the exciting, complex, and fast-paced non-profit realm where the emphasis of projects is generally on terrestrial ecology and freshwater systems, with applications to human systems (e.g., land and water use, protected areas, social and environmental justice, end-user needs) using tools that include: data science and advanced analytics; disturbance, drought, impacts, or risk analysis; climate change vulnerability analyses; species occupancy and habitat modeling; and wildlife and ecological connectivity analysis, among others. We seek a Front-end Developer to assist in creating a variety of web-based applications, predominantly interactive maps, in common languages (Javascript/HTML/CSS). The individual in this position is expected to have familiarity with common geospatial data formats and conversion tools as well as web mapping APIs. Ideal candidates should be prepared to focus on reusable code and templates which can be applied to multiple problems and be able to quickly learn new methods and software tools as needed. This individual will work closely with teams based in two offices (CA and CO) plus affiliated locations or institutions in four other western states. The successful candidate will contribute to an internal culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, innovation, creativity, and experimentation, and help to advance the function, direction, and initiatives of the organization. Core responsibilities for this position include: • Design, development, implementation, and management of web mapping applications and/or interactive data dashboards for effective science communication for multiple research initiatives or projects simultaneously; liaising with diverse partners or clients, as needed. • Supporting manuscripts, reports, proposals, professional presentations, and science communication tools. • Demonstrated capacity to work in creative collaboration with diverse partners.
Required qualifications: We are seeking someone with experience in building custom web applications from the ground up. Graduate and post-graduate experience in ecology or a natural resources field is desirable, but not necessary. Applied experience will be looked upon favorably. Other required qualifications are expected to include: • Experience utilizing current front-end technologies including html, css and javascript as well as other languages and tools necessary to efficiently create web applications. These tools could include interface and layout libraries such as boot-strap, materialize, or jquery; web frameworks such as react, angular, or Vue; visualization APIs such as Google Charts or d3.js; and build software such as babel, webpack, or grunt. • Knowledge of common Geographic Information System data formats and tools to download, process, and export such data for use on web platforms using appropriate mapping APIs. Open source tools are generally preferred, such as R, python, and GDAL/OGR. Mapping platforms could include Mapbox-gl, leaflet.js, and Google Maps API. • Experience deploying web applications to remote servers and cloud platforms such as Google App Engine and Microsoft Azure App Service. Preferred qualifications or skills: • Ability to design wireframes or mockups of fairly simple websites and dashboards with modern aesthetics. • Knowledge of server technologies to house and serve geospatial data such as geoserver and postgis/postgresql, particularly on cloud platforms. • Ability to utilize versioning tools (git) and online platforms (github, gitlab).
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