Full-time Seasonal Field Biologist Technician-Maine

Eastern and Western Maine
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$15 per hour; time-and-a-half ($22.50) after 40 hours in a calendar week
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The primary responsibility of this position is to search fixed plots beneath operating wind turbines for bird and bat fatalities and to collect data on findings. The technician may be required to perform other field tasks as needed (including mapping ground cover conditions using a GPS unit). Technicians must be able to communicate and coordinate effectively with other biologists and GIS analysts, wind farm operations staff, and TRC project managers and should be proficient in following protocols, adhering to schedules, and collecting accurate observational data. Bird and bat identification skills are a plus. The successful candidate must be willing and able to spend a majority of the day alone and outdoors, collecting and managing data with great attention to detail and must possess the scientific background to be able to accurately report the results of field studies. Job duties require use of a tablet, a laptop computer, and GPS devices. Training will be provided for all survey efforts and job-related activities. Technicians will be expected to use good judgment to stay safe at all times and to follow a TRC Project-Specific Health and Safety Plan. Technicians must be licensed to drive as most of the surveys will entail driving on gravel roads from survey site to survey site throughout each day, and technicians must be able to walk for extended periods outside and in diverse weather and ground-cover conditions. Vehicles will be provided or mileage reimbursed for personal vehicle use (at the current IRS rate). A tablet, GPS unit, field vest, hardhat, and laptop will be provided by TRC. Technician is expected to provide their own suitable and appropriate outdoor clothing. The project will entail approximately 8-10 hours per day of solo surveys, sometimes in inclement weather with additional, albeit minimal, time at night for equipment maintenance (e.g. data downloads and charging). There are two projects, and three technicians will be hired. Due to requirements with survey frequency, the two projects have the approximate following schedules of work (at a minimum; note that some additional workdays will be needed occasionally for bias surveys): Eastern Maine Project- Three non-consecutive days/week (e.g. Mon-Wed-Fri, Mon-Wed-Fri; repeat); Western Maine Project- Four days on, three days off, four days on, three days off; repeat (e.g. Sun-Wed on, Thurs-Sat off, Sun-Wed on, Thurs-Sat off; repeat).
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in natural resources, wildlife management, wildlife biology, or equivalent degree preferred; however, undergraduates and enthusiastic workers are encouraged to apply. Must be able to maintain equipment and perform accurate timely (i.e. daily) data entry and provide fieldwork updates. Ability to follow protocol is essential. Good bird and/or bat identification skills for species in the region, and use of guides and keys for identification are preferred. Job requires the technician to be able to appear for work every day and on time; follow instructions from project managers and field supervisors; interact effectively with coworkers and clients; maintain a positive attitude; and accept guidance and constructive criticism. Precise and thorough data collection is essential. The ability and determination of the selected applicant to fully commit to the project for the life of the scope of work (April – October) is absolutely crucial. Periodic and short-term unscheduled days off may be granted if required, with adequate notification from the technician.
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Kara Moody
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