Fulltime/ Year round Data/GIS Support: Northern California, preferably Grass Valley, CA

NCRM, Inc.
Northern California, preferably Grass Valley, CA
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GIS & Computing
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Job description: -Working closely with a small team focused on measuring metrics and meeting goals for vegetation management. -Responsible for analyzing vegetation management work through ESRI GIS AGOL and Excel reporting. - Manipulate large volumes of data using Excel. - Develop and maintain reporting queries and dashboards to support project management. - Assist in the development of new reports and metrics as well as enhancements to and support of existing metrics. - Troubleshoot data issues related to reports. - Adapt to changing data models and project areas. - Analyze and troubleshoot data and utilize tracking and reporting metrics to resolve any reporting/metrics related issues. - Assist with the balancing of tree work with daily reports from tree work companies. - Balance wood management areas that have not been completed. - Generation of metric results on monthly and weekly basis using PowerPoint presentations. - Submit work areas for environmental review and permitting.
Experience: - Ability to work with a team of individuals and keen problem solving skills are crucial. - Strong analytical skills, expert in Excel, Word, ArcGIS online, and ESRI Collector. - Strong written and verbal communication skills required. - Knowledge of systems including ESRI AGOL/Collector, Power BI, and Excel. - Forestry or arboriculture experience a plus. - Utility tree work experience helpful. - 3-5 years with project reporting analytics. -Send email with resume, cover letter, and three references.
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Stephanie Martin
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