F&W Biological Scientist II – Gainesville, FL

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Gainesville, FL
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Independently and cooperatively plan, direct, and participate in all aspects pertaining to freshwater fish population and community monitoring in the Orange Creek Basin and Suwannee River Basin. Duties include but are not limited to spring season sportfish monitoring, fall season fish community monitoring, submersed vegetation mapping and seasonal creel surveys. Specific responsibilities associated with these duties include but are not limited to data collection for fish length frequency, age and growth, and/or other population parameters deemed necessary (e.g., fish condition, fishing mortality), data analysis, model development, description of findings in annual reports and oral presentations, publication of significant findings, and recommendations of management strategies. Assist the research leader in developing, planning and executing field activities of lacustrine and riverine research studies and resource monitoring throughout the State of Florida. Studies may include but are not limited to specific hypothesis testing of questions associated with fish populations, fish communities, or fish biology relating to stream ecology, resource assessment, invasion ecology and/or instream flows and levels. Responsibilities include sampling/collecting freshwater fish, measuring physical and chemical water parameters, and aquatic habitat assessment and measurement. Assist with project data analysis, model development, description of findings in annual reports and oral presentations, publication of significant findings, and recommendations of management strategies. Keep abreast of current scientific literature that pertains to fish and habitat sampling procedures, techniques, and specialized equipment used in field and laboratory research studies. Supervise OPS personnel as assigned and direct their efforts toward accomplishment of field and laboratory studies. Duties include but are not limited to recruitment, training, planning and directing work, reviewing performance with employee, and ensuring compliance with Commission and FWRI rules, policies, and procedures. Availability for long field days, overnight travel and occasional weekend work required. Participate in public outreach efforts and/or events, as appropriate. Perform other duties as required.
Minimum qualifications: - A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in one of the biological sciences and one year of professional biological experience in a field or laboratory program; OR - A master’s degree from an accredited college or university in one of the biological sciences. Preferred qualifications: - Master of Science degree from an accredited college or university in Fisheries/Aquatic Sciences. - Experience sampling fish, habitat and water quality in freshwater ecosystems - Experience with Microsoft Office, R and R Studio, and ArcGIS - Experience extracting, processing and aging otoliths Knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position: Knowledge of: -Terminology, principles and techniques used in research, management and monitoring of freshwater fish and ecosystems. -Terminology, principles, and techniques used in general biology, ecology, and chemistry -Data collection and analytical procedures for field and laboratory work -Supervisory practices, principles and procedures. Skill in: - Use and maintenance of scientific laboratory and field equipment - Writing (e.g., technical reports, popular articles and manuscripts for publication) Ability to: - Conduct scientific research using scientific methods and techniques - Perform quantitative analysis of scientific data - Prepare written reports and manuscripts - Understand and apply applicable rules, regulations, policies and procedures for personnel and budget administration - Communicate effectively verbally and in writing - Effectively lead/supervise others - Establish and maintain effective working relationships - Safely operate vehicles, trailers and boats up to 22' - Swim with sufficient skill to save oneself in the event of an emergency - Work outdoors in adverse conditions - Maintain a valid driver’s license The selected candidate must successfully pass a Level 1 background check. Applicants are required to apply through the website linked above by 06.01.2023. Resumes, cover letters, and supporting documentation should be submitted at the time of application online.
Contact Person
Chris Anderson
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