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Game Capture volunteers assist an experienced South African wildlife vet and their professional game capture team with wildlife relocations throughout the Eastern Cape. During this 2-week session, volunteers are involved in every aspect of the capture from planning to immobilization, then transport and release. Training includes providing treatments as needed, monitoring vitals, and physically transporting a wide variety of species. Lectures and discussion groups with experts in the field allow for a comprehensive wildlife experience. Anyone with an interest in exotic medicine, conservation, or simply a once-in-a-lifetime experience is welcome to join!need to work together, weather factors, farmers availabilities, etc.) There are also other activities that come up outside of the planned activities such as follow up on cases and emergency call outs. The majority of the African wildlife experience is through game capture: the tranquilization of wild animals for treatment or relocation. Tasks include monitoring vitals, injecting medication, and physically transporting the animal. Students also learn about the dart gun and have an opportunity to practice under supervision (firearm operation & safety training is provided).
*please note: this is a physically demanding session- volunteers will not be asked to perform tasks outside of their comfort zone, but they should be prepared to be active most of the day. Dates: July 23-August 8 This is a paid-for programme, the fee you pay covers for accommodation, meals, transfers from the airport and other details.
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