General Zoo Keeper – Spring, Texas

TGR Exotics Wildlife Park, Spring TX
Spring ,Texas
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Feed and care for exotic zoo animals and clean and maintain animal enclosures. Involves: Prepare regular and special diets to feed animals. Feed and water animals. Clean, disinfect and maintain cages, enclosures and exhibit areas as needed. Maintain safety of animals. Monitor animal health and well being. Report animal illness or injury to appropriate staff. Assist veterinary staff as needed with administering medications, providing treatment and restraining. Provide care for animals such as by trimming beaks, nails and wing feathers, providing moisture for turtles, reptiles and birds, weighing animals and other services as needed.
Provide assistance to other zoo staff and to the public. Involves: Identify maintenance problems and resolve or report as necessary. Assist with grounds and landscaping maintenance and construction. Answer questions from other staff and the public regarding zoo animals, exhibits and related. Public speaking, give tours, assists with events, camp and parties. Animal education background is a plus!


• Application of knowledge of care and feeding of zoo animals.

• Application of some knowledge of American Zoo and Aquarium Association principles and practices.

• Application of some knowledge of sanitation and disinfection processes.

• Prepare and feed animals regular and special diet foods.
• Maintain accurate logs and records of animal care and observation.

• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers and the general public.
Maintain a professional appearance.

• Requires mobility within a zoo environment.

• Works around a variety of animal species with potential for physical harm from bites, kicks, heavy lifting and restraining animals.

• Exposure to infectious diseases from daily contact with exotic and domestic animals including bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral pathogens.

• Work outdoors in TEXAS heat, rain and cold.

• You must be able to lift 50+ pounds, climb ladders and lots of walking.
We are a NON-Smoking facility and drug free facility
**A 2 day WORKING INTERVIEW IS REQUIRED at your expense**
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A High School diploma or GED. Two (2) years of animal care and handling experience (AZA, ZAA or USDA facility). Paid Internships at a zoo/exotic facilities or 12+ weeks unpaid internship. Personal pets are excluded from experience.

BS in Biology, Wildlife and Fisheries or Zoology. 2 years Zoo and Exotic MAMMAL experience is required. Experience MUST BE ZOO/EXOTIC Mammal experience. Birds handling is a plus(raptors, parrots, softbills, cockatoos).

***Please email current resume reflecting Zoo/Exotic Mammal Experience and references from your zoo/exotic jobs or internships
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Gwen Scott
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