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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Generalized linear models are widely used throughout ecology and wildlife management, as they allow us to analyze a wide variety of data, including counts, proportions, and continuous measurements such as length and weight. Being able to fit and interpret these models in R is a basic requirement for modern quantitative ecology. We cover Poisson and binomial models in detail, and extensions of these when the data are overdispersed and/or zero-inflated. We discuss model-checking and residual diagnostics, to see how well our model fits the data, and model comparison using AIC in order to see which terms should be included. Repeated measurements data, in which the response variable is measured at several points in time, are also considered in detail. We explain the distinction between fixed and random effects and show how to fit models that involve random effects. We make extensive use of R throughout the course. TOPICS: Introduction to generalized linear models Motivating examples Basics of normal linear models Poisson and binomial models Fitting these models in R Model-checking Residual diagnostics Overdispersion and zero-inflation Model comparison using AIC Model averaging using AIC Repeated measurements data Profile analysis Fixed and random factors Fitting models with random effects in R FORMAT/DATES/COST: Instructor support (1 month support + 2 months of additional access to course materials) July 3-30 (early bird ends June 4): $500 professional / $400 student Regular rate (after June 4): $550 professional / $450 student No instructor support (3 months of access to course materials) Sept 5 - Nov 22 (early bird ends Aug 6): $350 professional / $250 student Regular rate (after Aug 6): $400 professional / $300 student ESA & TWS CEUs included for FREE!
PREREQUISITES: A basic understanding of probability and statistical methods, and some experience with fitting models in R.
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