Geneticist, USGS, Hawaii

U.S.G.S. Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center
Hawaii Island, Hawaii
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Full time Positions
69000 (GS11 starting salary)
Last Date to Apply
The USGS Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center is seeking a geneticist to join our dynamic team of 13 Project Leaders and about 30 other dedicated conservation and support staff. This is an entry level (GS-11) permanent federal position into the Research Grade Evaluation series, with promotion potential to GS-15. Promotions are based on peer-reviewed assessments of the significance of the employee’s research accomplishments. PIERC is focused on providing information to managers seeking to protect imperiled species, address invasive species, and adapt to changing climates and landscapes. About 25% of the species listed under the Endangered Species Act are in Hawaii or a US-affiliated Pacific Island, creating a huge need for ecological information to inform management of these nearly 400 species. In terms of threats, the density of non-native species in Hawaii is 250 times greater than in the Continental U.S., and new invasive species continue to arrive. Several iconic island species are at imminent threat of extinction from introduced diseases and their vectors, and ongoing research is needed to implement measures addressing this threat. Similarly, limited land area, rapidly changing climate, and growing populations create great challenges for managers seeking to protect critical habitat and restore listed species. The successful applicant will develop a research program that applies modern molecular approaches to address the issues described above. (S)he will work in concert with management agencies, PIERC researchers, and other scientists to gain insights and develop tools relevant to the protection of biodiversity on Pacific Islands, and translate genetic findings to tools that can be used by land managers and policy makers. PIERC is primarily based in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park but will be moving to a modern science facility in a new building to be constructed near the University of Hawaii at Hilo.. The island of Hawai’i has a land area of over 10,000 square kilometers and includes ecosystems from tropical reefs to alpine zones, with rich recreational and cultural opportunities. The Pacific Island Ecosystems Science center is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity, and interested people from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
Please see USA Jobs announcement for information on how to apply. Deadline is 08 February. Start date negotiable
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