Geospatial Analyst, Oregon (Remote Optional):

Conservation Biology Institute
Corvallis, Oregon (Remote Optional)
Job Category
GIS & Computing
$55k - $65k
Last Date to Apply
The Conservation Biology Institute is hiring a full-time, permanent geospatial analyst to be a core technical member of our remote sensing and spatial modeling team. The ideal candidate will work closely with colleagues to apply a range of tools and technologies, including Google Earth Engine and ArcGIS ModelBuilder, to create customized spatial products for conservation, restoration, and natural resource management. We are looking for a geospatial analyst with a strong background in GIS and remote sensing, demonstrated skills working with ArcGIS ModelBuilder and Google Earth Engine, the ability to communicate results clearly to expert and non-expert audiences, and an interest in working closely with a core team to translate cutting-edge science into effective, real world conservation solutions. You will work on a diverse set of projects alongside other team members to gather and evaluate spatial data, create metadata, perform robust, innovative spatial modeling and remote sensing analyses, document your methodologies/code, and clearly communicate results through writing, visualizations, and maps to a diverse audience, including decision-makers and non-scientists.
We are looking for applicants with 2+ years of experience in geospatial analysis and remote sensing applications, with a post-baccalaureate GIS certificate, M.S., or several years work experience preferred. You should be knowledgeable in GIS and remote sensing and proficient in ESRI ArcGIS (incl. ModelBuilder) and the Google Earth Engine platform. You should be comfortable working with diverse spatial and tabular data, as well as independently learning and applying new approaches/tools on-the-job. We commonly use the following technologies in our work: ArcGIS, GEE, Python, JavaScript, R, SQL, and various GIS tools and software libraries. We often take an iterative approach to project work, which requires close collaboration with team members to undertake analysis/modeling and to deliver results to clients through writing, visualizations, and maps. A background in ecology, conservation planning, natural resources management, or environmental applications preferred.
Contact Person
CBI Geospatial Hiring Team
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