GIS Data Analyst Intern: New Ellenton, SC

USDA Forest Service
USDA Forest Service Savannah River, New Ellenton, SC 29809
Job Category
Weekly Stipend of $650 - $850 per week, $1000 per month housing stipend
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
MobilizeGreen seeks conservation minded GIS Resource Assistant (RA) interns with the USDA Forest Service Savannah River. The internships start on June 11, 2023 for 32 weeks. The GIS RA will oversee data life cycle management, provide expertise, and make recommendations on the development and application of geospatial analysis processes, protocols, and solutions to mission critical resource management issues. Your work will primarily involve using computers in an office environment, though there may be opportunities (not required but encouraged) to accompany timber, fire, research, and ecology staff into the field to get a better understanding of their geospatial data needs. Field conditions in those cases may include exposure to heat and humidity, travel on forest roads, and hiking in uneven terrain. The Savannah River Site is a closed facility; the RA will undergo training to receive a site badge and must follow appropriate security and remote worker safety procedures at all times. The Resource Assistants Program is designed for recent graduates and new professionals to launch their natural and cultural resources careers. The RA will receive hands-on learning experience, mentorship, and coaching to complete mission-critical work while developing leadership, critical thinking, and strategic communication skills. This is a developmental program. Position Duties: Operate complex computer systems and software packages. Develop procedures to produce intricately detailed maps and graphics. Provide advice on the implementation, management, analysis, and use of geospatial information. Serve as technical point of contact and maintain liaison the Regional Office (RO); Federal, State, and local governments; and other individuals concerned with GIS, GPS, remote sensing and mapping. Accompany timber, fire, research, and ecology staff into the field to get a better understanding of their geospatial data needs. May be exposed to heat and humidity, travel on forest roads, and hiking in uneven terrain. Location: Located between Aiken SC and Augusta GA, USDA Forest Service-Savannah River manages approximately 170,000 acres of natural resources on the Department of Energy, Savannah River Site (SRS); a restricted and closed to the public compound. Established in 1951 to help reforest the abandoned farmland on the newly formed Savannah River Site, Forest Service- Savannah River employees continue to work within the SRS Natural Resource Management Plan to help regenerate healthy forests, provide watershed protection and improvement, suitable habitat for animal and plant species, and to provide a source of revenue from the sale of forest products. Benefits: Weekly Stipend of $650 - $850 per week $1000 per month housing stipend Hands on learning and job training experience Site travel stipend eligible 2-year direct hiring certificate with the Forest Service (with successful completion and 960 hours) Health insurance option available at no cost to Resource Assistant Mentorship for career and professional development
Bachelor's degree in Forest Resources/Forestry, Geography/GIS, or Natural Resource Management within 0-5 years out of school. Coursework and/or experience using ESRI ArcGIS (ArcMap and ArcCatalog version 10.x and/or ArcGIS Pro version 2.x or above) software. Familiarity with basic geographic concepts such as map projections and scales; Understanding of GIS data types (i.e. vector vs. raster data; geodatabases, shapefiles) Familiarity with basic geostatistical and geoprocessing operations (i.e. querying by attributes, running area calculations, buffering, clipping, overlaying data layers, using the field calculator in data tables). Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and Word. Good communication skills (both verbal and written) Valid Driver's License US Citizenship required
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