GIS & Natural Resource Data Technician – Helena, MT

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Helena, MT
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GIS & Computing
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This position is responsible for spatial data management, data analysis, map production, technical support/outreach, mapping application development assistance, and cross-division and cross-agency collaboration and support. This position assists in updating, maintaining, and disseminating the content of the agency's geographic information systems (GIS) databases, web resources, and related applications/databases. The GIS & Natural Resource Data Analyst serves as an interface between users and technical resources, ensuring data and GIS products are aligned with business needs and state and agency policies. This position may also play a role in assisting with outreach activities and user technical support.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Behaviors): GIS software Basic & Advanced Skills – Knowledge of the practical application of the principles, techniques, and procedures associated with geographic information mapping and analysis systems design and production. Knowledge and experience with GIS software, applications, tools, and resources, including geodatabase configuration and management, geoprocessing, and the ESRI suite. Advanced knowledge of cartographic design principles and standards. Programming Basic Skills - Knowledge of a variety of programming languages using both procedural and object-oriented development techniques, particularly Python and JavaScript. Database- Basic Skills & Advanced Skills – Firm understanding of relational databases. Knowledge and ability to access, query and manipulate both spatial and tabular data via structured query language (SQL). Able to independently apply knowledge in difficult and complex situations. Data Management & Processing Basic & Advanced Skills - Ability to analyze interrelationships of multiple data variables and their applicability to practical problem solving. Skills in assessing ambiguous interrelationships between databases, data sources, and users’ intended use of data. Natural Resources Basic Knowledge - Knowledge of biology or natural resource management principles, practices, and methods and/or closely related field. Office Suite Basic and Advanced skills - Word processing - Document creation, basic editing, spell check, saving, retrieving, and printing documents. Email, Calendar & Journal - Create, send, and delete messages and appointments, schedule meetings, add appointments to personal calendar, use the Out of Office Assistant feature, create contacts, use the Journal. Set up and use personal folders, access another user's email and/or calendar, creating personal email groups, using task list, recalling messages, sorting messages, searching for a message. Spreadsheets - Worksheet creation and basic editing skills, saving, retrieving and printing. Using simple formulas such as SUM, add, subtract, multiply and divide. Voicemail ­– Check voicemail messages, return phone calls, update outgoing message when out of office. Minimum Qualifications (Education and Experience): The knowledge, skills, and abilities of this position are normally attained through combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree in geographic information systems, information management, wildlife or fisheries biology and/or management, natural resources, geography, computer science or a related field and 3-4 years of job related work experience. Other combinations of education and experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
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