GIS Technician and Field Technician: Nevada

The Great Basin Institute
Carson City, Nevada
Job Category
$20,000 living stipend
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Great Basin Institute (GBI), in partnership with the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (NDCNR) Off-Highway Vehicles Program and the Nevada Division of State Parks Recreational Trails Program (NDSP-RTP), is seeking a GIS Technician. Our focus is to provide Nevada’s communities and public land managers with GIS Trails data and mapping for both Motorized and Non-Motorized recreational activities across the state. Project goals will include the inventory and collection of statewide authorized trail system map data across land agencies and the user community, and the population of a comprehensive trails geospatial database for the State of Nevada. The project team is also responsible for the implementation of a new website mapping application that will allow members of the public to view and download the trail information for all motorized and non-motorized activity types across the State of Nevada. The GIS Technician will work closely with the GBI State Mapping Program Coordinator to inventory available geospatial trails data from multiple sources, ensure that data quality and attribute standards are met, and to populate and edit the data in the geodatabase using Esri ArcGIS. Principal duties: • Maintain an inventory of geospatial trails data under the direction and supervision of the GBI State Mapping Program Coordinator; • Collection of map data from public land managers and other available sources for authorized trail systems; • Verify authorized motorized and non-motorized trail map data where known or suspected discrepancies exist through the collection of GPS data; • Converting and migrating data into the final geodatabase, quality control and editing of spatial data using Esri ArcGIS software. • Map layout and creation, site research. • Project includes some limited field work; including collection of recreational points of interest and GPS tracks, and other attribute data for the program’s mapping project; • Project status reporting and presentations at various trails meetings and conferences. • Liaison with land managers and trail advocacy groups, • Event and conference planning activities. This position will be appropriate for an individual with an education and/or experience in Geography/GIS, and recreation/resource management and will provide opportunities to enhance basic career skills, GIS and GPS mapping, project organization and communication. The work schedule is anticipated to be Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but may be adjusted as needed. Primary work site location is in Carson City, Nevada.
Positive attitude and ability to self-motivate; • Experience and training in GIS, and the Esri ArcGIS suite of mapping software; The ability to utilize the Esri ArcGIS software in order to perform data creation, quality control and editing of spatial data is critical. • Focus/interest in data creation, research and data quality; • Familiarity and interest in both non-motorized and motorized outdoor recreational opportunities; • Ability to pass National Sex Offender Public Registry (NSOPR) and federal criminal background checks; • Possess a clean, valid, state-issued driver’s license with ability to safely operate and maintain a 4WD vehicle and off-highway vehicle on and off paved roads; • Ability to work in an office environment.
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Kevin Dose
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